What's Adlai Stevenson's remaining realistic path to the nomination?

I’m still waiting for Ron Paul to pull a William Jennings Bryan with an updated “Let’s Crucify America on a Cross of Gold!”

We need McCarthy!

Eugene or Joe or Jenny or Melissa or Andrew. I’m not particular. I just like the name.

Everybody is wrong. We need FDR. For four terms.

They might if they tried. Instead, they nominated John McCain and then immediately hobbled him with demands to kow-tow to the Evangelist crowd and saddled him with such a ludicrous running mate it was nearly impossible to tell the real thing from the satire.

I’d vote for Andrew McCarthy. I don’t know what his politics are, or how smart he is, or whether he molests kittens, but he was great in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, and at this point, that is more competence at anything than anyone in the Trump administration has been able to demonstrate.


Jeez, are you so desperate for a topic, you’d bump a 60-year old thread?

Wait…isn’t he dead?

So? It didn’t stop Reagan.

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.


What’s your point?

He’s not really dead…as long as we remember him.

No, he’s pining.

The Norman Thomas/Lyndon Larouche ticket should cover just about any position someone might have on the issues.

Here in Kentucky there’s a reasonable chance Gatewood Galbraith could beat Trump despite being deceased.

Heck, why not just run Coach Adolph Rupp?

Adlai IV was born in 1960, but Adlai V was born in 1994 and won’t be eligible for 9 more years.

I would rather run Theodore Roosevelt V then.

Everyone’s been nominating dead people (me included), so I picked a post at random to quibble about the
nominee being a dead person. Nothing personal, just an attempt at left-field jocular japery.

I suggest Walter Camp. The southern states love them some football coaches.

Forty-four-forty or fight.
You heard me, Yank.

Unfortunate that Beach Boys hater James Watt never got a position higher than Secretary of the Interior.
Also the dead thing.

No one else I can really think of.:o

Probably in jail.

This time, folks, a vote for Nader is what this country needs.

This time.