What's Adlai Stevenson's remaining realistic path to the nomination?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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I think Generalissimo Franco has to drop out and endorse him first.

I await the “Should Adams take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment?” thread with the greatest anticipation anticipation.


True progressives know that Hubert Humphrey and Wayne Morse will knock each other out in the primaries, leaving the path clear for either John F. Kennedy, or possibly for Lyndon Johnson via the smoke-filled room corruption. Since both Kennedy and Johnson are equivalent to Richard Nixon, the only hope for the country is for Adlai to bolt the Democrats and run as a third-party candidate like Henry Wallace did in 1948, and force the election to the House of Representatives. . .

Oh, wait. I think there’s a flaw in my logic.

Stevenson should pivot the campaign and focus on attacking Hillary Clinton.

Leave my cousin out of this.

No kidding. I’m a Stevenson on my mom’s side.

Off to The Pit. You know you want it.


Well, he’s got the Chicago vote locked up.

Even though his campaign manager, Richard J. Daley, promised to deliver votes from the Chicago cemeteries, the so-called Walking Dead lane, nationwide polling indicate Stevenson doesn’t have a ghost of a chance at the nomination.

(darn you Little Nemo for beating me to the theme)

This is definitely Stassen’s year.

He just needs to balance the ticket with a running mate, like Walter Mondale, who’s comparatively healthy and vigorous.

Bravo! BRAVO!

What a great way to start the morning. I even managed not to spray coffee.

Nobody, nobody is going to drive the youth vote like George McGovern. Without him and the kids, the Democrats have zero chance.

So Adlai Stevenson III is 89 now, even older than Biden. I don’t think his chances are very good.

I’m a Pat Paulsen man through and through - if I can’t vote for him, I’m not voting.

"Paulsen or Poop" 2020!

My vote is going to Stephen Douglas this election, we must embrace the Freeport Doctrine!

With him at the top of the ticket, it’s gonna be a blowout. Can hardly wait!

What’s Eugene V. Debs up to these days?

Just wondering (serious for a moment). Will the GOP ever nominate a true statesman again, in the mold of Ike say?