What's an average house footprint?

I’m working on a piece that talks about calculating the area of hard surfaces (roof, driveway) on a property. I’m going to give an example of doing the math, and want to use figures that will sound about right to people – but have no idea what those figures are.

So what numbers should I use for X, Y, P, and Q?

TIA. :smiley:

According to a recent news story by NPR, the average size of a new American home is 2,349 square feet.

That being said, the 2349SF is likely that of a two story, so the footprint is one half, or 1175SF.

Dimensions will vary with lot shape, but 30 x 40 is close enough, yielding 1200SF

A two car wide driveway is ~ 15’ and set back from the public street is whatever you want it to be.

dwc – you’re exactly who I was hoping to lure in here. Muchas gracias, senor!