What's better on a woman?

If a woman walks past in a short skirt do you prefer her to be:

a) Bare legs

b) Wearing stockings

c) Tights/Pantyhose

Just for a book I’m currently writing

Unless you can see up her skirt, how can you tell if she’s wearing stockings or pantyhose?

What season is it? What does the rest of the outfit look like? What kind of shoes?

It will depend on how short the skirt is obviously

Who cares, this is not a fashion question

Are you saving up your punctuation for your book?

Bare legs. (Unless she’s got nasty varicose veins or something.)

And bare everything else, too, while we’re at it. :smiley:

No, al bee useng me gramma hand spel cheker fur dat

Shoes…women have feet. Who would have known.

Of course it matters! If the skirt’s really short then she should have bare legs and heels…if it’s not that short she can get away with flats instead. Really, you blokies have no idea…

I’ll be probably the only man in the world who would actually prefer the woman wear pantyhose. Why many men hate them I don’t know, but I like how they make a woman’s legs look shinier and fancier. You can say the same thing about stockings but I’ve always thought it looks weird when you see a woman’s stocking tops, almost like she forgot how to dress.

What color is the book?

As I have stated in my previous post

So obviously the skirt in question will be more of a belt.

Anyway Hooter girls wear shorts and pantyhose and they look good so thats buggered up the fashion statement

um… no? Unless the skirt is short enough that it might as well not be there, it’s going to cover the garter belt/stocking tops…

  1. Bare.
  2. Black.
  3. Nothing.

The publisher will help on that decision. I am supplying the content.
The book will be published in English, so the ‘colour’ will be spelt the correct way

Bare legs or Black Stockings seem to be the most eye-catching to me.

gigi: I do not think most men notice shoes much or remember them for long if they do. I know there are exceptions and I understand the design of a lady’s footwear can greatly accent the shape of her legs, but it is the legs and higher regions that are noticed and remembered.

My favorite outfit for my wife was a small pleated black skirt and black stockings. She looked so great in that. I think she was usually wearing sneakers when I saw her, as she would walk to the train from her apartment and later our apartment. I can still remember various blouses she wore all those years ago, but I have no clue on her shoes.


Yes, keeps their legs from fraying at the ends.

So only horny straight men will be reading the book?

Good point, but the Op might kind of lead us to that conclusion. At least, it sounded more like he was looking for the perspective of “horny straight men”.


Ok, so if it’s a skirt that’s more like a belt, and presumably 5" eff-me patent leather stilettos, go with sheer black stockings with the line up the back.

If it’s more of a schoolgirl look, plaid skirt, loafers and knee socks.

Librarian with a bun and glasses she can’t wait for you to remove? Tweed skirt, pantihose and a sensible low heel.

Hooters notwithstanding, the shorts and pantihose combination should be eschewed.
Take your pick, horndogs!