What's even more annoying than drivers on cellphones...

…are friggin’ pedestrians yakking on cellphones. I live in a college town, and it’s now all the fashion to walk around campus yammering away on a cellphone while you absent-mindedly walk out into oncoming traffic.

“I’m talking on my phone, so, like, I’m surrounded by an invisible shield that will protect me from the laws of physics…tee hee hee.”

Of course, even when students aren’t on their phones, they seem incapable of understanding the difference between the white hand (that means walk folks!) and the little red man (that means keep your goddamn feet on the sidewalk lest I turn you into a greasy spot on the road!).

My message to all cellphone lovin’ pedestrians is this: if any of you cognitive Lilliputians dents my car with your flesh you will not live to regret it!!!

leeeeeeans out her window to look at the traffic lights next to her Crappy Student Housing ™

politely raises a hand

I wholeheartedly agree with your wrath upon these nut-nibbling shoulder monkeys, but umm in my college town it’s a white man and a red hand rather than vice versa. I have heard rumors of a mysterious Little Yellow Man but only in the British Isles … where do you go to school?


Nut-nibbling shoulder monkeys? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I like it!
In other news, I never could understand why people hated it so much when other people used cell phones, whether on the road or walking, or whatever. I just consider them extra targets.
I always thought it was a green man and a red hand. :wink:

Gotta love the expression “cognitive Liliputions.”

And here I thought that everybody had a little red man and a little green man. What’s up with these new-fangled hands?

Hmmm. Where I live, the red hand means “Don’t Walk” and the little white walking dude means “Walk Now.”

When they walk right in front of you at a crosswalk, toot your horn. You will be amazed how they jump!