What's Going On in Binghamton, NY?

We wanted to visit friends this weekend in Binghamton, NY. Would believe all the hotels are packed? What’s going on? Is this a college town swamped by Freshman move-in weekend, maybe? What gives?

All I know about Binghamton is you’re supposed to pronounce it BING-uhm-ten. Not bing-HAM-ten.

Move-in at the university; it’s also move-in weekend an hour away at Cornell. Hotels in Ithaca charge way more those weekends (I checked because our son moves in at Ithaca College the following weekend), so I’m sure people stay far away to not have to pay $3-400 a night.

Maybe a lot of people had an urge for spiedies.

SpiedieFest was LAST weekend. This weekend is move-in week at SUNY Binghamton.

It figures. I should have known being that Binghamton is the only “major” town in the surrounding area. So, I guess it’s worth it for those in need to stay in Binghamton even if you’re trying to get to Ithica, etc.

Yeah, we’re staying in Elmira next weekend. Hotels in Ithaca make out like bandits on move-in and graduation weekends.

Do they still have a AAA baseball team there? As a kid I went to summer camp near Binghamton and we would always take in a game or two each year.

I think the Mets’ AA team is there.

Just looked it up. Apparently they changed their name to the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. That might be the stupidest team name since the Utah Jazz.

When driving to Binghamton from my hometown, Latham, it’s about 125 miles and the Baseball Hall of Fame is on the way!

That’s about it here, about Binghamton.

A relative was visiting last week who is involved in minor league baseball. We started mentioning some minor league teams of old and wondered if they still had that name. So a lookup was done and … there’s a ton of weird names out there. Just amazing.

But the all time champs are Toledo Mud Hens for over a hundred years. Bonus points: they play at Fifth Third Field. (If they get a new stadium will it be the Sixth Third Field or the Fifth Fourth Field? :))

A recent WtF: The Gwinnett Braves AAA team just changed their name to the Stripers. Which makes no sense and can be easily misread as the Strippers, which does make sense.