What's going on w/ xkcd.com?


When I go to that website, I get “Questionable Content” (a different webcomic) instead.

Why come?


Several other webcomics have swaped places as well. I suspect an april fools joke (as well as a good cross advertising scheme).

Ahhhh… ok. Now I get it.

questionablecontent.net explains everything.


Yeah, I just figured this out. :smack:


Dude - that link is NSFW. Warning next time, please?

That would be questionablecontent.net

You will find xkcd at http://www.qwantz.com/ today.

It was probably unintentional. I’ve typed “.com” several times (the work safe webcomic is questionablecontent.net).

Basically for everyone interested.

Questionable Content = xkcd.com
XKCD = quantz.com (Dinosaur Comics)
Dinosaur Comics = Questionablecontent.net

Gotcha - thanks for the clarification, Jragon.

Thanks guys, just coming to post this question. Ah, the perils of ignoring the calander