XKCD "oh noes, what happened"!

XKCD gets into the holiday spirit.

It’s interactive!

You’re a kitty!

Super! I like that page better than before! It’s been a few days since I had visited XKCD so I needed to catch up on previous comics. Now I don’t have to look at a lot of ads, I don’t have to look at a busy screen to find what I’m looking for… Nope, now the site is stripped down to its bare essentials - a comic and a clear set of instructions to see more comics. That - my friends - is a functional website. Ah, the good old days…

Now get off my lawn!

I cheated. :blush:

Other words, not listed, have responses! This is like playing Zork on my old Apple II!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Oh noes! I’ve been eaten by a grue. :frowning:

sudo restart


guest@xkcd:/$ make me a sandwich

What? Make it yourself.

guest@xkcd:/$ sudo make me a sandwich



I am having way too much fun with this.

stuff I have found so far:

go west/south
go home
make me a sandwich/sudo make me a sandwich
sudo restart
display # (# representing the comic you want to read)
you can rm license.txt and welcome.txt

Funny, the first one I tried was fuck

I love it!

Try ‘xyzzy’. :slight_smile:

go down
what, on our first date?

I’ve gotten free shipping for their books!

You are Richard Stallman.

guest@xkcd:/$go west
seems to send you through the chorus of “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys, one line at a time.

I was wondering about the purpose of that last one. And why the first half of the command was needed.


sudo rm -rf /

…then none of the commands work :slight_smile:

Hello Joshua
Light lamp