Whats going on with my Nord VPN?

If my understanding of what’s happening is correct, it’s coming from the ORIGINAL SOFTWARE THAT YOU ALREADY INSTALLED, not from anything downloaded. As I said, unplug your router if you want to confirm that. If you don’t trust the software that you installed, you shouldn’t be using it. I wonder why you installed the software in the first place; presumably you downloaded it from somewhere on the Internet. Why did you trust that download?

You do not need to use NordVPN’s software.

Go to Community Downloads | OpenVPN and download & install OpenVPN for your platform. Go to OpenVPN configuration files | NordVPN and download a profile for the NordVPN server of your choice. You are never dependant on their software again.

What you lose are the features the software provides: connect to a specific country, connect to a less busy server, etc.

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Jimmy Buffet not Pixar :cool:

I find this to be unlikely. I installed NordVPN a year ago and I’ve connected and disconnected it countless times in the last year. But I never got this message until this week. So I feel it’s unlikely that it was installed on my hard drive a year ago and has just been waiting there.

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That’s right. I was Nemo before it was cool.

Windows has been playing with the security settings for a lot of things over the last few updates. That may well be the cause of your problems, not NordVPN.

I’ve got my response back from NordVPN and I’ve fixed the problem.

My thanks to everyone for their assistance.