What's going on with Roman Polanski?

Just occurred to me that I haven’t heard anything about the old kiddiefucker for months. Is he still under arrest, and has any progress been made on his extradition? Is he ever likely to see a US court, or given his age could his lawyers drag this out until he finally sees the face of an angry God?

Well, he just put out a new movie. Looks like he finished it up under house arrest.

A judge ruled in late January that Polanski must appear in person for the case to move forward. His lawyers are appealing. I believe he is still under house arrest.

His lawyers could continue to drag this out, although I don;t see how that’s in their client’s best interest.

He was born in 1933, he’s 77. When OJ asked for a speedy trial, it took over a year to just get started. How long can Polanski’s lawyers stall before he ends up in the USA? Is it worth it for the US to jail a guy in his 80’s? Do they want to be paying his medical bills by then? Maybe he’ll develop Alzheimers by then or have a “stroke”, like Salvador Allende and not have to go to jail.

Meanwhile, he lives in a nice villa in Switzerland. Hmmm, San Quentin or Swiss Alps?

If I was his lawyer, I’d stall too.

Yes, it’s worth it to extradict the old pervert and make him pay his debt to society. He can pay his own medical bills, though.

Wrong Chilean, I think you meant Augusto Pinochet, Allende’s “stroke” was a bullet

Absolutely. I don’t think an unrepentant pedophile should be forgiven simply because he fled the country for a long time.

And he already had his trial. What he is fleeing is his punishment, which might be as light as probation, and in the worst case probably 45 days in jail. He’s already spent more time under house arrest.

In other news, Wesley Snipes is out on bail for a crime he was convicted of 2 years ago. It’s less serious IMO, but nevertheless he has the rich guy exemption.

Fortunately for us respectable folks who wouldnt mind seeing a little justice after all these years, fleeing your punishment is a serious charge all its own.

Well, it kept him out of jail.

Perhaps a similar method should be recommended to Cheney?

Would it be worth it for a victory, even a pyhrric victory, if instead of wondering if he’s going to be in jail for years, they process the sentencing without him so he knows how long he will be in jail?

I imagine he’s afraid of getting years in prison, but if it is as light as probation or a month in jail, maybe he’d reconsider coming back and finishing his sentence.

Didn’t he rape a little girl? I do not see how he could get a month in jail. And if that is all he gets, our system really is @$%^#! up.

That’s the crux of his case. He says “tell me what my punishment is and then I’ll tell you if I’ll come back.” The courts are pretty adamant about not wanting to concede to this ridiculous request.

Yeah, she was fed alcohol and drugs. But, FWIW, she went with him. She was probably disappointed that she didn’t “see” Jack Nicholson, since that’s whose house she went with Polanski to. OTOH, she was 13. That’s a bigger deal nowadays than it was 30 years ago. OTOOH, she currently says she wants the charges dropped; California is ignoring her wishes.

Stalling is a pretty good tactic for Polanski. As mentioned, he may get the book thrown at him. How long can California afford to pay to send lawyers over (or pay local lawyers) to chase down one 77yo fugitive. I think maybe they have more important criminals to chase at this point.

Once he’s in jail, they have no choice but to pay for his medical bills.

IIRC, the problem was this - he had come to a plea deal with the prosecutor. Part of the deal was a 90-day psychiatric evaluation. (The “nudge-nudge-wink-wink” substitute for jail.) The pyschs released him after 42 days, saying there was no problem, which apparently they were entitled to do. The judge got ticked off and indicated that he was going to renege on the deal, so Polanski skipped the country. After all, he had already pled guilty, was awaiting sentence, in return for which the other charges were stayed. Having pled guilty, the court theoretically could ignore the deal and throw the book at him, years in jail instead of the “no jail time” deal, and there would be nothing he could do about it. When the state is trying to do to him what he did to a 13-yo, is it any surprise he ran?

You liberals will let a little “technicality” like a bullet in the head prevent people from serving one day in prison! :smiley:

That’s not how it works. The judge could reject the plea bargain between Polanski and the prosecutors, but then Polanski would be allowed to change his plea.

No, I think the plea was finished and entered and he was found guilty, and the next hearing was sentencing. His “doing time” was politely supposed to be a psych evaluation report for the sentecing hearing. I suppose he could have tried to appeal it, because the judge reneged (or, said he would renege), but basically he had already said he was guilty and there were (are) 5 more charges outstanding if he started raising objections… That’s why he ran, he was out of options.


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