What's going on with Tarantino's _Hateful Eight_?

I have seen several headlines in various places that a teaser trailer for the film is now available online, but all of these stories link to a clip, not of a teaser, but instead of a fairly combative interview between Tarantino and an interviewer I don’t recognize.

For example:

Meanwhile I also come across this clip dating from sometime before Jan 26 2013 which appears to be a trailer for some film about the Civil War, and which is labeled “Hateful Eight Trailer,” but which AFAICT has none of the right cast members and anyway that date is far too early for footage to exist anyway, isn’t it? The Hateful Eight‬ - TRAILER HD [2015] - YouTube

I’m guessing the latter is taken from some other film? What film is it, it looks interesting?

And meanwhile, what is up with the interview clip being linked to instead of an actual trailer in all the stories I’ve found so far?

According to one link, it says “The trailer has been removed at the source by the request of The Weinstein Co.”
What’s weird is I *swear *I saw a trailer for the film several months ago before a feature at the theater.

There was a short teaser trailer shown in theaters last summer.

The official trailer was posted online yesterday but it was removed after a few hours. I don’t know if this was a genuine decision or if the studio is just playing games for publicity.

Tarantino got angry during the production because the script got leaked online. He considered shutting down the production because he felt that foreknowledge would ruin the movie. He was convinced to continue with the film but the current secretiveness could be a reflection of his feelings. (It’s also possible the leak was intentional and part of a publicity campaign.)