What's happening with Fox News Mexico?

For two days now, when I turn on the news, the SkyTV control jumps direct to Fox, and a screen appears (in Spanish) saying “In accordance with Mexican election rules, we are obligated to suspend transmission of this channel”.
This has never happened before, and I can’t find anything on the Fox website that would seem to have offended the Mexicans.
It is particularly bizarre because apparently Fox owns SkyMexico; the system is set up so that if you turn on Fox News (which, by the way, I mostly only do to yell insults at Hannity and OReilly) you often can’t turn it off with the remote control - the net channel up is CNN- without turning off the tuner completely and restarting.
So does anyone in the USA who can get Fox know what might have gotten the Mexicans excited enough to censor their satellite feed?

Does Mexico have any equal time rules for political candidates?

Mexico is about to enter their Presidential election. Could this have an effect?

There’s a Fox News Mexico? Are they as jingoistically pro-Mexico as their parent company is rabidly pro-USA? What’s their slant on the border disputes? Who is the Mexican Bill O’Reily?

No, it’s just the regular American Faux you’re all familiar with, including all the various talking heads (or whatever part of their anatomy Hannity and so forth are talking out of) transmittted by satellite to Mexico. And yes, there is a Mexican election coming up in a few days, but the days when the dear old PRI could censor any news they disliked are supposed to be over. I was just wondering if anybody
had seen anything on Fox that would likely have upset whoever is in charge of TV censorship, whhich isn’t supposed to exist. There isn’t anything on the Fox website that I can find, and the channel is still blocked right now for the third day.

Maybe they were practicing?

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