What's happening?

I cannot seem to post without a notice “There seems to be a problem with the data base…yada, yada”.

I’m not sure what the hell that means but colour me deeply frustrated.

Over the last week this board has been either inaccessible or the pages load painfully slow. So slow as to ruin the whole surfing experience.

It was down for a good portion of yesterday, and now I can’t post.

What’s happening?

I always come to ATMB after it’s been down and more often than not there is no explanation offered.

Exactly how long do you think you can keep offering us the same lame excuses in the face of clearly diminishing performance, before we just give up in complete frustration?

Now you’ve even stopped offering us that much it seems. I’m pretty easy going by nature and don’t happen to feel that $7 entitles me to much bitching about service or lack thereof.

Till now I’ve been pretty willing to wait for things to change in their own time, believing the company line that they are working to improve things. That, in combination with lowering my expectations.

But I’m done, I can’t lower them anymore. And I can’t believe your half assurances that you’re working towards something better. And I’m tired of being shut out of a service I pay for, no matter the minimal cost.

Subscription renewal is right around the corner and this is the best you can do?

Please consider this venting as I’ve lowered my expectations to the level where I know better than to expect answers.




My membership is up for renewal (just got the email) and I don’t think I’m renewing. I don’t care how little it costs, if you’re charging money for a service, it should be there more often than not.

I get constant time outs, and am sick of it.

There are other message boards out there.

You probably want ‘wretched’ - “deplorably bad or distressing,” instead of ‘retch’ - “to vomit.”


I’m outraged too

tried once, acted like an idiot

got my ass canned
throws confetti

Apparently it’s a valid business model. Charge money, promise much, deliver little, include ads, ignore complaints, profit!

Oh, I dunno…sometimes when I write a longish post and the boards time out when I submit it, I do feel a little queasy in the pit of my stomach. :stuck_out_tongue:


Please note that board performance is way, way, out of the area of the board moderators and administrators. We are therefore unable to comment. Jerry the Tech God is on this, and perhaps will post something, but I suspect we’d all rather have him spend his time working on the problem rather than posting information.

Because those are the only two options, of course.

Jerry is the only person who knows what is happening. Jerry, therefore, is the only person who can comment intelligently. What part of this is outside the grasp understanding?

So Jerry is the only one?

And the admins surely know about the situation with the subscriptions and the like. This is the only site I pay for, and it’s the only one that gives me trouble.

I don’t think Inner Stickler is the one with understanding issues. Dex suggested that Jerry could either work on the problem or post information about it. IS suggests that, perhaps, both are possible. Given that it takes less than 60 seconds to compose and submit a post (hamsters willing), I tend to agree.

:rolleyes: Really! My point was that apparently Jerry can either fix the problem or talk about the problem. But fixing the problem and then telling us what it was or even giving us any sort of status report at all is impossible.

It HAS been particularly bad these past few days. Throw us a bone here. Pretty please.

Two reasons why Jerry’s not answering: Either he has no clue as to what’s causing the problem or he knows what the problem is, how to fix it, but it requires some cash and the Reader’s unwilling to invest in a good solution. He’s likely frustrated either way, enough so that the last thing he wants to do is play Mr. Customer Service.

Of course I’m just speculating.

One thing is for sure: What we don’t need is a moderator, who admittedly knows nothing about the technical issues, implying that we’re to sit and wait until Jerry gets around to giving us a status. Jerry has a boss, right? Well, then, consider the complaint escalated.

Saturday morning MySQL hang most likely due to interlocking READ and WRITE locks. Took system offline for 15 minutes which sometimes resolves this problem. Did not work. Brought MySQL completely down. Ran myisamchk on all files finding no database corruption which is not usually what I find. Brought system back up.

Sunday afternoon MySQL database corruption. Brought MySQL down and ran myisamchk on all MySQL index files. After repairing the posts table brought system back up.

Monday morning MySQL database corruption. Brought MySQL down and ran myisamchk on all MySQL index files. After repairing the posts table brought system back up.

This has been happening for years. Frequency is higher in the last 2 weeks than I’ve seen recently but not completely outside of how bad it has been at times.

What is being done about it? New infrastructure project about to be put in place. Most likely a months long project with an end result of better performance. We’ll know when the project is completed but it has not started yet. Will this be completed before the Charter Member subscription period expires at the end of April? Unlikely.


Excellent. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated, Jerry. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’m satisfied.


Yikes, what a mess. Database corruption sucks – especially when it’s likely caused by resource-choking and/or shitty code. I feel your pain, Jerry. Thanks for the update.