What's important in an accordion?

I want to learn to play the accordion. This means (I assume) that I will have to rent an accordion for a while until I’m sure I want to pursue it. What kind of features should I look for and what would you consider a fair deal for a rental accordion?

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For me, weight was a factor (I’m 120 lbs). I quickly switched to a concertina.

Yeah, but the accordian burns longer. :smiley:

I’d have to say air is the most important thing in an accordion. Without it, you have a fancy box with buttons, keys, and a strap. :wink:

Aerodynamics. You want to be able to throw it as far as you can, with the least amount of effort.

Funniest post I’ve seen in a week. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Way back when I took accordion lessons, the big question was how many bass “buttons” you wanted; more buttons, more expensive. I started out with as “12-bass” (12 buttons), which is all you’ll need for a while. The standard is 120 buttons, but I’ve seen 150 also. How many shifts you have also determine price. A beginner’s accordion generally has 2 (violin and bandoneon were the ones I had). The next is the size of the keyboard; that is, the number of keys.

Now as far as which are the best accordions? I have no idea. Hopefully someone who has more experience than a couple of years of lessons when they were a kid will come along.

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I think the best thing to do is go to the accordian rental place. If they rent them, they know what beginners get. In my experience if you’re at a small music shop the people are really into music and want you to be, too, so they won’t try to rent you the 150 button model because it gets them an extra 15$ a month. (Because they know you’ll get fed up with it and then not buy your own instrument from them in a few months.)

Snarky answer: make sure it has Lady of Spain inside. I tried a few out and they had cats inside that screamed when I worked the bellows. Defective, the lot of them.

What’s important in an accordion?

Ideally, a player whose repertory includes something other than worn-out ethnic chestnuts. Wouldjabelieve people actually used to play pop songs on the thing? Swing? Even jazz?

Sudden flashback. My Dad bought this recording when I was a little kid. It contrasted nicely with the accordion performances from Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour. Now I want to see if he still has that reel-to-reel tape. :slight_smile:

Used to? They Might Be Giants.
If you do learn accordion, I’m sure you could get a TMBG cover band going. I’d see ya.

All of the previous inputs are as nothing, compared to the most important question of all: Do they make accordions for left handers?

You will find the answer at…


…if you scroll down to the third from last line. Children under 14 must have parental consent.

What’s the most important thing in an accordian? That it’s too dark to read.


PapaArmadillo was the Accordion King of California in 1967 :D. Alas, he never taught me how to play.

This world needs more accordionists, is what I say ;).