What's in the 100 year old Norwegian mystery package? It's being opened tomorrow 8/24.

Verdens Gang webpage with video

I really hope it’s not a kitten.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s some kind of stock (the story mentions the possibility of oil stock) that Nygard thought would increase in value and benefit the town, but the company is now defunct.

This is an intriguing story. Thanks for sharing.

I don’t think it’s stock. No clue though.

Porn. Kinky Norweigan Farmhouse Porn.

A music box that plays the “Never Gonna Give You Up” tune.

It just may be the original concept drawings from Slartibartfast.


If you watch the video, the one gentleman says that it feels like it may be a bunch of papers, or possibly something wrapped in paper.

Maybe it’s a note that says “gotcha!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

And no less edible than the day it was wrapped.

Newspaper from 8/23/2012

Well I watched the whole video and didn’t understand a word, but it better be good.

If it’s Apple stock or something I’m going to be so excited!

You couldn’t read the English subtitles?

No. There weren’t any. I don’t think. I had to find my own way to the paper, as your link led me to what looked like little more than a simple text directory.

Strange. That link worked fine for me.
Try this: http://www.vgtv.no/#!id=55551 (You have to sit through a short ad first.)

Oh sure, you want me to watch the video that’s labeled “with English subtitles.”

Too easy! I went native! :slight_smile:

The answer to 14 k of g in a f p d.

Hey, if it was in Norwegian all along, that explains why no one could answer it.

It’s Romney’s tax returns.

Assange has a time machine.

Oh, don’t you wish!:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an iPhone 3G, but the open date originally specified is 5 years too late.