What's in your system bar?

Lately I’ve noticed that it seems like every other program I download and install adds it’s own little icon to my system bar (system bar as in that row of pur-tee icons at the bottom right of your screen). I started wondering what other people have on their computers so I decided to post this poll. Here’s what I have right now as I type this.

Kazaa lite
ZoneAlarm Pro
AVG Control Center
Lucent Mouse Settings

Is it just me or does this seem a bit excessive? Does everyone else have a lot of simultaneous programs going or am I just weird?

I don’t have a system bar, because I use Linux. In my task panel, I have the KDE equivalent to the Start button, followed by a file manager, a Konsole (terminal), a Control Centre (to set preferences with), Mozilla, ICQ, Evolution (email), as well as KSIRC. Also on my panel are a screen selector (I keep 4 screens available) and a clock. I never use anything on my desktop, and do everything from the menu.

I do have a Windows partition, but I use it rarely enough that I have no idea what is in my system bar or quicklaunch section (other than, of course, every program I do use: Powerpoint, Word, Excel, ChemDraw, ChemSketch, WinAmp, etc).

Oh, and poor manners too! Welcome to the boards, cletus!

New updates are ready to install
Windows Messenger
Safely Remove Hardware
WinZip Quick Pick
Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition

Pop-up Stopper
Norton AntiVirus
New Updates are ready to install
Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition
Safely Remove Hardware
On AC Power
Synaptics TouchPad
Dell AccessDirect