What's in YOUR wallet

Whats in your wallet?(or purse) That is the closing line to a credit card commercial and it got me thinking about this thread, mine contains the following
1-Visa Card
2-Master card
3-Blockbuster Video membership card
4-Bell Atlantic calling card
5- Medical insurance card
6-Drivers License (NY)
7-Auto Registration
8-Dive master C-Card (scuba)
9-A few business cards
10- a piece of paper with phone numbers scribbled on it
So fellow dopers what’s in YOUR wallet

It’s HUGE - everytime I pull it out, the cashier would ask: “Are you George Kastanza?” (As the matter of fact, I look like the Asian with hair version of him) - I usually respond “You’re not the first one, nor the last person who’ll ask me that”.


Bank card, visa, the Bay card, Future Shop card, Care card, SIN card, Rogers Video, Blockbuster, Voter’s registration card, driver license, Citizenship card, Kwantlen Student card, Kwatlen health card, UBC student card, UBC health card, Richmond library card, Vancouver library card, Safeway card, Save-On-Foods card, Shoppers Drug Mart card, Mountain-Equipment Co-Op card, HMV, Subway cards, Breadgarden, Starbucks, school coffee card, another coffee card, Muffffins coffee card, bank statements, phone numbers on many scrap papers, coins, a $20 bill, pictures of my ex’s, lottery tickets…

All that adds up to a thickness of 3 inches… No wonder my back hurts and my right buttock sticks out!

to better serve the potential muggers in my area, here’s what incoi’s wallet currently contains:

citibank platinum mastercard

usenix association membership card

health insurance card

contact number card for where i work

mbna mastercard

2 honeywell security cards for the same lock, i think

social security card

blockbuster membership card

selective service registration card

bank account reference card

business cards for 2 hr people at 2 companies (i’m looking for a new job)

business card for a gaming store

$2.09 ($1 bill, 3 quarters, 3 dimes, 4 pennies)

a selection of credit card recipts

some air

The regular, plus
Resale permit
Mensa card
A handy dandy chart of all the days and hours of places I visit a lot; P.O., various libraries, bank branches.
A list of important addresses and phone numbers, including my own, since I sometimes blank on my fax #, and 9-digit zip

I have… bus passes (from the past year including this month), library card, learners lisence, debit cards, sin card, birth certificate, health care number, coupons, cards that ar stamped each time I buy something from places like Kernel’s, Second Cup and HMV, a couple of funny cards (my insane lisence and my permit to sin), my Opera club card, Funky Pickle card, um thats about it… oh and a bit of money for now (I say for now cuz it’s for Christmas presents… if I can figure out what to get people)

[li]Thirteen bucks[/li][li]Bunch of receipts[/li][li]Driver’s license[/li][li]ATM card[/li][li]YMCA membership card[/li][li]Credit card[/li][li]Calling card[/li][li]Social Security card[/li][li]MST3K fan club membership card[/li][li]Library card[/li][li]Various business cards[/li][li]Pictures of family and friends[/li][/ul]

Starting on one end, going to the other, and then the big pockets for bills and so on.

Mastercard with the Boston University campus on it- my alma mater, yippie yay etc.
Two business cards for Papa Murphy’s, a local pizza place. Buy twelve, get one free. One card is stamped twelve times, the other is stamped once.
ATM card.
Business card for one of my friends and coworkers.
Business card for a professional contact.
Rainbow Foods’ ‘easy-save’ (aka customer-tracking) card.
Red Cross blood donor card.
Passage to India restaurant, business card.
Business card for my father.
Business card for my ex-manager; no idea why I still have this.
Old novelty credit card from Wizardry IV, a computer game from 15 years ago.
Two $5 gift cards to Wal-Mart.
Driver’s license, old driver’s license at my last address, and Valvoline Instant Oil change card with my service history.
Amoco gas card.
Blockbuster movie rental card, Hollywood movie rental card.
Sam’s Club membership card.
Two cards from the student pub at BU, where we won prizes for drinking 52 specific beers.
Alumni ID card for BU.
Student ID card for BU.
Dayton’s credit card.
Old Chicago drink-contest card.
AAA membership card.
$30 (a $20 and a $10)
A Roman coin from circa AD 330.
Paper driver’s license from the period before I got the new one.
Various ATM receipts.

It doesn’t feel thick, but it’s almost two inches, and I can palpably feel its absence if I leave it out.

Lets see.
SILJA LINE members card
and some different store-cards
1000 Swedish Krones
and most important,
a picture of Montfort.:):slight_smile:

Driver’s License (CT)

Red Cross Donor Card (I’m A-Positive, by the way)

Social Security Card

Wal-Mart Associate Discount Card

Pass to school-sponsored blood drive on Dec. 14 at 9:00 AM

Ticket to a breakfast sponsored by the Spanish Club

$5 bill, 3 $1 bills.
I have a nice, neat wallet. :slight_smile:

At the moment:

B of A check card (Visa)
Providan Bank Platinum Visa
MBNA Platinum Visa for Rollins College (alma mater)
American Express card
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition membership card
Hand Reflexology chart
League of American Bicyclists membership card (expired)
Pac Bell calling card
Sprint prepaid calling card
FL driver’s license (i live in CA, but never drive)
A picture of Rasa from high school
Muni (transit) pass
2 BART tickets
6 $1 bills
1 ATM receipt
1 book of stamps, half empty

Ready? I’m a pack-rat, just to warn y’all…

*Ohio Driver’s License
*Ohio State Univ. Student ID (circa 1995)
*DeVry Institute of Technology - Columbus, Ohio Campus Student ID (current)
*Discovery Place Library Card
*Cigna Healthcare Card
*Visa CheckCard
*Kinko’s CopyCard
*Another Discovery Place Library Card (Hmmm…musta thought I lost the first one…)
*Waterhouse Securities Membership Card
*Social Security Card # (haha…you really thought I tell you?!) :slight_smile:
*A scrap of paper with directions to a friend’s cabin in the woods in southeastern Ohio (just in case Y2K brought armageddon)
*2 lucky coins I use to scratch instant lotto tickets (A 1992 Irish 5p and a true Buffalo nickel; year unknown)
*Plastic spare key for opening car door
*Total 12 business cards from various recording studios, record labels, local bands, and friends
*Monopoly $5 (just in case I ever play again, I’ll have a head start)
*VIP Card to Columbus Gold Strip Club, Yeah!!! (only because I’m a local rock star and all…) :stuck_out_tongue:
*A scrap of paper with our lotto numbers (8-13-16-28-36-42)
*Another scrap of paper with lotsa phone numbers scribbled on it
*A little wallet-sized ATM/Check Card register that hasn’t been updated since last May (I only keep it because it’s the only thing I have that has my checking account # on it)
*A Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Schedule
*Total 14 Ticket Stubs to various sporting events, concerts, and shows (including the MLS All-Star game, BB King & Buddy Guy Blues Fest, and the Nutcracker)
*3 pictures of friends’ babies
*A Warning from the Charleston County (SC) Shariff’s Office from 3/25/98 (looooooong story)
*Reciepts from ATM withdrawls, CheckCard transactions, and School book purchases from the past week
3 $20 bills
2 $1 bills
lots and lots of lint…

Well, as you can see, not only is by back pocket bulging but…oh nevermind…


Carnegie Mellon school ID
Texas Driver’s Liscense
Credit card (my account)
Kinko’s copy card (reminding me I left another one in a copy machine this morning! %&*#%#*!!)
Credit card (father’s account)
Blockbuster card
Social Security card
Credit card (mother’s account)
National City ATM card
Health insurance card
Expired AHA CPR certification (now thrown out)
Home town library card
Current Red Cross CPR certification
4 Philmont Wilderness Pledge cards
Piece of paper with some phone number
Piece of paper with girlfriend’s school address & phone number
Chicago transit card
2 MCI rechargeable phone cards
School outdoor club membership card
Picture of girlfriend
2 ATM receipts
$5 bill
$10 bill

::whips out his trusty Fossil trifold::
scrap of paper with blood disorder on it (beta thallassemia)
Green Mill club card
Christmas ball ticket (I know, I know, for school :slight_smile:
a girl’s cell phone #(incidentally, not the girl I’m taking to X-mas ball)
Firearm safety certificate (read: license to kill)
raffle ticket, don’t know if I won or not… drawing was Dec 20th
Deer registration slip (for deer I shot)
discount card that I bought for 10 dollars from the local girl’s kixters (I SWEAR they get the hottest ones to sell them…)
North American hunting Club membership card
Photo ID
95 dollars cash
and about $299.08 in reciepts (in one month… ouch)

hmm… that was somewhat depressing

MY wallet you ask? Well, okay, here goes:

  1. Vermont State Juinor Operator’s License
  2. A National Bank of Middlebury ATM/Debit card
  3. A National Bank of Middlebury Telebank reference card
  4. Phonecard USA $5 phone card
  5. MCI Worldcom 340 minute phonecard (obvious I’m a college student?)
  6. AT&T Direct Service wallet guide (cool thing with international access codes and whatnot)
  7. American Red Cross volunteer blood donor card (do they have paid donors?)
  8. RadioShack PowerZone card (battery club)
  9. Lawrence Memorial Library library card
  10. A piece of the colosseum
  11. Student ID
  12. A Cracker Jack toy (it’s piece of paper with a hole to flick peanuts through) toy #99125
    12.Seven $.33 stamps
  13. One $.20 stamp
  14. Two Papa John student discount cards
  15. A small photocopy of a $1 bill
  16. A $2 bill
  17. 1000 Lire (not nearly as much as it sound (~$.50))
  18. Picture of myself (good God what is that doing in there?)
  19. National Honor Society membership card
  20. A Totin’ Chip from by BSA days
  21. My father’s business card
  22. A Philmont Wilderness Pledge (also BSA days)
  23. Two index cards with notes written on them
    24.The receipt for the wallet (58.800 lire (tey use a . instead of a , for seperating places)
  24. Picture of ex-SO (only happened two days ago, haven’t gotten over her yet)
  25. A Matchbox 20 concert stub
  26. Three more pictures of random friends of mine

That’s all. Gee, I have no real money in there. Sad.

Well, going purely on memory, as I’m far too lazy to walk across the room and get my wallet…

Illinois driver’s license
University of Illinois Student ID
Insurance card
ATM/Check card
Business cards (mine)
Blockbuster Video card
Hollywood Video card
Library card
Best Buy credit card
Waldenbooks Preferred Reader card
2 $20 bills (the new kind, that look like Monopoly money)
A small stack of receipts I have yet to enter into my checking account ledger…

'Tis all I can remember

[li]California Driver’s License (w/ donor dot)[/li]
[li]Separate Signed Organ Donor Card[/li]
[li]Micro Address Book[/li]
[li]Various Grocery Cards[/li]
[li]Swiss Army Knife Member Card[/li]
[li]Social Security Card[/li]
[li]Personal Business Cards[/li]
[li]Proof of Automotive Insurance[/li]
[li]Health Plan Cards[/li]
[li]Video Club Card[/li]
[li]Validated Coupon for Wheel Alignment[/li]
[li]Hundred Dollar Bill (Bonus from 1994)[/li]
[li]Twenty Dollar Bill (First Music Gig Payment)[/li]
[li]One Dollar Bill (From First Music Tip Jar Take)[/li]
[li]$120 in Cash[/li]
Various Other Business Cards

(from back to front)

  1. Minnesota small game license
  2. Minnesota fishing license
  3. Watercraft operator’s license
  4. $194 in cash
  5. Staff ID card for the college where I work
  6. 8 or so of my business cards
  7. Driver’s license
  8. MasterCard
  9. Mensa card (pretentious, I know)
  10. ATM card
  11. Discover card
  12. Sam’s Club card
  13. Medical insurance card
  14. Public library card that expired 11-1-99
  15. Insurance card for 1985 Ford F-150
  16. Insurance card for 1995 Chrysler LeBaron
  17. Calling card

I abandoned my wallet a few months ago. I just shove everything in my front left pocket, including:

Driver’s License
Visa card
Visa check card
Blue Cross card
IsoProx key card for work
Parking card for work
Currently, 7 bucks. (We-oh, I’m loaded.)

70 cents (2 phone calls)
Driver’s Permit
School ID
Movie ticket stub (Unbreakable)

Attention KMart Shoppers: This has been done

What’s inside Jeremy’s wallet?
click here and find out!

This was site I visited when I first was on the web. Look around the site- you might find a famous Doper’s picture :slight_smile: (yours truely!)
It’s an awful picture taken at arms length with my old digital cam, but oh well. I still have the mousepad he sent me as a prize for submitting my photo :slight_smile: