What's in your wastebasket?

Three Wendy’s Biggie size cups, lids and straws separated as I ate the ice out of each of them

Several gum wrappers with spent chewing gum wadded up inside

Napkins, the wipe-your-face kind, not the feminine variety (I’m a guy)

Empty, torn-open envelope

2 Banana wrappers. 1 7 up can. Product Material sheet for anti CD209 and CD 4 antibodies. 2 photographs of badly developed gels. Graphs of Data I was lazy about putting in my notebook which I then spilled tea on and had to print out again >.< 30 some odd sticky notes with varies supplys I have to buy. Sigma MSDS for several compounds. Two overnight padded shipping envelopes. Packing foam for primers. My 2002 day planner. The 2001, 2002 New England Biolabs catalogs. And the 2002 BD PharMigen catalog.

And 9 origami ghosts I made yesterday

Empty Dorito’s Nacho Cheese 3d’s can, three or four peppermint candy wrappers. Pretty good for all day, I’d say. Course I haven’t checked my snail mail yet. That’ll cause it to fill up. Envelopes, catalogs, junk mail I don’t bother to open, junk mail I do open then toss. Look, here’s one right on top. :eek: They’re threatening to not send me any more junk mail if I don’t subscribe to their junk newsletter they keep sending me even though I never subscribed to it in the first place. Pardon me while I feed the trash can. :smiley:

An empty chip bag, an empty green envelope, an empty sheet of Avery brand labels, some junky junk mail that they’re threatening will be your last.

A crumpled up message note, a used kleenex, a box from a new self-inking stamp and a large sticky note covered with stamps from said stamp.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Two empty plastic bags that each originally had cookies in them.
Two twist ties which held the bags closed.
One muffin cup, sans muffin.
A whole bunch of used Puffs.
One small post-it, discarded because I spilled something on it.

Empty styrofoam soup container from nasty cafeteria.
Plastic spoon.
Plastic wrapper from spoon.
Paper napkins.
Atkins’ bar wrapper.
The “tear off this end” pieces of paper from my direct-deposit receipt.

There may be more later - perhaps I will actually clean my desk today as I’m accomplishing little else.

Nothing. I’m a lousy shot. AROUND my wastebasket are several wadded up sheets of paper, a couple of tissues, a soda can, a styrofoam cup, and a plastic take out container.

A diet vanilla coke can.

And, in a moment, my husband’s head.

Because I paid $.10 deposit on that danged can and I’d lik eto take it back and get the damned dime back. I shudder to think how much deposit money he has thrown away in our five years of marriage.

About 50 Coke/Dr Pepper/Pepsi/RC cans.

Some paper, a wrapper to a fish sandwich from McDonalds, and some stuff that I can’t identify.

Dead hooker. (I really need a bigger can.)

100% kleenex.

We have a rule in our house about not throwing any remotely food-related items in the wastebasket near the computer, because the dog seems to think it’s her own personal snack counter. It appears that the only non-food-related garbage we generate is kleenex. The dog eats 'em anyway.

An embarrasing layer of corks and red foil wrappers from all the $2.99 bottles of Trader Joe’s cabernet sauvignon I swill.

Several wadded-up false starts on a short story I was writing called “Minor Gods”.

Band-Aid stuck to the side (Ewww!).

A somewhat risqué doodle on the back of an envelope.

Dead AAA battery.

Seriously gross tennis ball encrusted with Golden Retriever saliva.

2 empty water bottles
a hanger from a baby outfit
A “This is your last issue!!” cover from a magazine that I don’t plan on resubscribing to
Random paper trash

a piece of scrap paper
a piece of paper with some silver paint drips on it
some bits of masking tape
a little tinfoil tray with silver epoxy on it
cottonn swap sticks used to apply epoxy
a little plastic bag that a microwave connector came in
a Met-Rx bar wrapper
a diet Snapple bottle (raspberry tea flavor)
4 Canada Dry seltzer cans (I live on this stuff, I bring 12 packs of it into work and would buy it by the pallet if I could)
a big 7-11 coffee cup (not mine, I don’t drink coffee)

and for once, NO junk food wrappers or sugary drink containers! GO ME!

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the firm decided to cover the cost of some shirts which I had purchased, so I spent twenty minutes yesterday digging through the office trash for the receipt. What was there? Shredded paper, crumped paper, ripped paper, non-ripped non-crumpled non-shredded paper, and more shredded paper, crumped paper, ripped paper, non-ripped non-crumpled non-shredded paper, and more shredded paper, crumped paper, ripped paper, non-ripped non-crumpled non-shredded paper, and more shredded paper, crumped paper, ripped paper, non-ripped non-crumpled non-shredded paper, and my receipt. A coule of hundred bucks for twenty minutes of digging in the trash.

Today was garbage day so…

right now the only stuff in the wastebasket is an empty bag of kitty treats…

and a cat trying desperately to get into the aforementioned bag.

A few old batteries, an old newspaper, junk mail, plastic wrappers, pop tart wrappers, a slew of laundry dryer sheets, a used condom (!!!)

Empty Whoppers carton.
Several crayons that the dog has chewed on.
Couple of AOL CDs.
2 Mounds wrappers.
Assorted paper towels, napkins, and paper.
2 empty prescription bottles, one for cephalexin and on for hydrocod/apap.

Thanks for reminding me to empty the trash. :wink:

It’s full of junk mail, and envelopes from bills. And cigarette butts. The only thing that goes in this trash can by my home computer is stuff from the mail, and from emptying my ashtray.