Whats in your zoo?

All these threads about pets of late has made me wonder what kind of pets other dopers have and/or what was the best pet in your past and/or what kind of pet would you wish for.

Here is my zoo:
1 dog- Shadow (mutt chow/terrier sweetest dog ever very timid afraid of sneezes :rolleyes: )

1 rabbit - Baby (beautiful black/white soft as cotton runs the house is litter trained has a thing for ripping up wall paper)

2 Nanday Conures - (birds) Mandy and Peanut
fun but LOUD

2 Quakers- Koko and Willow (birds) act like spiled 2year olds

2 finches - Courtney and Jason 2 (my dog loves to sit and watch them flutter and cherp (they sound like her squeek toy when they really get going) when they settle down she will bark and get them going again)

1 hamster - Stewart Little (evil little thing but cute)

1 male rat - Ben (he is my buddy!!!)

1 frog- no name

2 newts - Justin and Britney

1 LARGE water snail-Moby

1 beta - Jaws

55 gal aquar. full of fish and 2 VERY large scum suckers

and a few crickets that have excaped from the feeding tank

needless to say the pet supply store LOVES to see me coming!

Our zoo is spread out a little, but there’s quite a few in total:

1 horse, Ferrana “Ana,” a 14yro Arabian mare stabled about 15min away…she makes me :smiley:

2 cats, Inigo (4, black mutt) and Mija (1, black and white mutt) living in our home and spoiled rotten

2 snakes, Henry (5yro albino male corn snake) and Cleopatra/Cleo (6 month old normal corn snake female) who reside in my classroom 10 months out of the year, but currently in the spare bedroom for the break

1 mouse, one of Henry’s rejects, that hubby DeathLlama has taken a liking to. She isn’t named yet, though.

2 aquariums, a 30 gallon downstairs (with 2 electric yellows–Urchin and Esmerelda, 1 electric blue, unnamed, 1 brichardi, Boris II, 1 featherfin synadonis catfish, Fezzik, 1 kuhli loach, Frick–Frak died–and one African butterfly fish, Draco II) and a 10 gallon here in my office (with one male betta, Bilbo Betta, 5 glass catfish, unnamed, and 2 corydoras catfish–Hoover and Oreck–that regularly “vacuum” the tank)

The only reason we don’t have a dog is our townhome doesn’t have a yard, and we want a big dog–like a lab or a German shepherd. :slight_smile:

We share our home with:

6 dogs:

Maverick-Chow/shiba/lab mix abandoned by former owners
Noelani-husky rescued from the pound
Molly-13 year old golden retirever
Maggie-13 year old black labrador retriever
Terri- 2 year-old border terrier who was dumped when pregnant
Legolas-13 week-old puppy of Terri that we decided to keep

2 cats:

Sasha-6-year-old silver tabby found as a stray
Cassie-3-year-old tortoise shell abandoned as a 4-week-old

2 guinea pigs:

Penelope-1 year-old orange and white abbysinian
Fiona-1-year-old tortoise shell short-haired American

3 upside down catfish and 1 remaining guppy

I don’t have a zoo anymore, when I lived with Mom I did though. We had

3 Cats: Baby (calico), Tiger and Nightmare (black cat who lived up to her name)

2 hamsters: Brownie (mine) and my brothers who’s name I forget. His was a little escape artist. We found the cage open and him gone hiding in my brothers room a few times. Usually under the bed. The cage was on top of the beureau which was tall and had nothing next to it the hamster could get down from… so he must have jumped.

2 guinea pigs: Unnamed

20 gallon fish tank filled with various goldfish.

If I ever get the chance I would love to have a cat again, or perhaps a Yorkie.


Bandit - 12 y.o Border Collie/lab mix
Gandy - 11 y/o wolf/Golden mix
Rocky - 10 y/o lab mix


Bo - 13 y/o flame point
Abby - 7 y/o black
Hanna - 7 month tabby


Pepper - 21 y/o Anglo-Arab mare. She is boarded 6 miles from me, but I wish she lived here.

I have a lot of old animals.

1 dog, Dottie, a border collie mix. She can scale 6 foot fences and I have seen her run at least 8 feet up the side of a large Douglas fir tree chasing a squirrel.

4 cats. Gracie May is a striped tabby we found as a stray about 8 years ago. She is spoiled rotten.
Leo is a 6 year old tabby. Even though he is fixed, he still marks his territory, inside and out. He has been spending lots of time outside lately since the kitten joined the zoo.
Ziggy is a long haired orange male. He only come insided to eat. He likes to climb around old cars and has grease spots on him.
Lilly is our newest kitten. She is a mostly white calico except the area around her right eye which is tabby striped. She refused to use the litter box preferring the bathtub instead.

We have 6 rats. All are the offspring of a feeder rat my wife was given about a year ago. Scabbers is a huge male. He loves to have his belly rubbed and will sit up for food. The other 5 are female that were destined to be snake food but my wife decided to keep them. None have been named.

My grandson has a hamster named Buzz. She doesn’t care what she is called, she is a demon hamster. I like to spin her real fast when she is on her wheel. 3 or 4 good spins and she staggers around like a drunk.

My grand daughters have a guinea pig named Squeakers. Doesn’t do much but eat and poop.

2 Horses, 14 yr. Bay gelding, Cisco, 3 yr. Dun mare, Jessie
1 dog, Dusty
7 cats, 6 indoor, 1 barn cat

My wife has

2 Royal or Ball Pythons 2-0-0 Shango and Diamond
1 Dumeril Boa 0-1-0 Merrick
1 Kenyan Sand Boa 0-1-0 Thika
2 Uromastyx (Uromastyces?) 0-0-2
1 Water Dragon 1-0-0 Saturn
1 Green Iguana 0-1-0 Lioth (vile, nasty, hellspawned critter)
1 Glass (legless) Lizard 1-0-0 Shorty
1 Corn Snake 0-1-0 Maizey
3 African Millipedes
1 Boxer, neutered female, Chloe
1 Orange Manx cat, neutered male Keegan
1 Burmese Manx cat, (now) neutered female Marie (who gave birth to 4 mixed breed kittens last year–3 are surviving, 2 male, Tip & Mischief, 1 female, Smudge, neutered)
2 Bald Rats (1 male, 1 female)
4 Dumbo Rats (2 male, 2 female)
2 other rats, female
(The rats all have names, but I don’t keep track of them)
assorted mice, crickets, mealworms,
3 LaMancha goats, all female
6 Pygmy goats, (1 buck, 1 wether, 4 does)
6 Pygmy/LaMancha mixed breeds (2 wethers, 4 does)
(The goats all have names, but I’m not going to list them)
Assorted goldfish, catfish, etc. (I don’t keep track)
2 snails

Previous critters have included an earlier Boxer, 2 Bearded Dragons, 1 Milk Snake, 2 White’s Frogs, 2 Anoles, 2 Leopard geckoes, 3 hermit crabs, 1 African Millipede, 2 Asian Millipedes, 3 horses (consecutively, not concurrently), about 8 other cats scattered over several years, and about a dozen, each, LaMancha and Swiss dairy goats

I have 1 wife (and the next one will hate animals).

1 wonderful little puppy who thinks and is treated like she is a princess.

1 little brother (well, he sure acts like an animal, anyway.

Thats what my hubby says too:D hummm…mayby thats why he loves being a truck driver

wow tomndebb I thought I had a lot…I bow to the pet master:p

One of the most intersting pets I ever had was a mud puppy… its this water lizard like thing anyhow I had 3 at differant times and all three turned into tiger salamanders (sp?) :confused: According to the pet shop that is rare in captivity…(i guess the mud puppy is the tad pole stage of the tiger salamander) When I took the first on “Buster” in to the pet shop everyone went nuts over him and they ended up selling 2 tanks worth while we were there

In our family we have:

2 Cats:

  • Powdered Donut: All white, blue eyed, female kitten who is deaf. She acts like a total snot but she is really sweet when she wants to be. I think its just her apperance, she has really wide eyes and she just likes to look at everyone with her crazy expressionless stare.
    -Kuroneko: All black, oriental like cat. His name means black cat in Japanese, although the name clutz seems to suit him most of the time. He is the most ungraceful cat I have ever seen. When he runs it sounds like someone falling down the stairs and every surface he sits on, no matter how abrasive, he just slips off of it like he’s made of Teflon. Not to mention he has a digestive problem where he has a hard time digesting just about any cat food imaginable. So he is happy and content eating his raw food. Both of them are around 8 months old but are no relation to each other.

2 Rats:

  • Marshmallow: Our 2 year old, cream colored dumbo rex rat. She is such a sweetheart.
  • McCartney: Our 2 year old black rat (Lennon died first, go figure)

1 Hermit crab that was dropped off on me at work. I work in a pet store and someone had called saying they found a crab wadering the streets. They didn’t know what to do with him so I told them I would adopt him. I call him Waffle, and no, I have no idea as to why half of our animals end up with names involving food.

1 African Black Millipede named Porno. Yes, that’s right, his name is Porno. We decided upon that name when we bought him because they had placed him into a brown paper bag and handed him to us, so the name really suits him. Now I can go home and tell everyone I’m going home to watch Porno.

1 ten gallon tank with several goldfish, 2 rosie reds, 1 betta, two ghost shrimp, and a countless supply of snails.

1 two gallon Eclispe Explorer with two baby feeder guppies and a baby platy or two.

And we might have another rat on the way^_^
It is really difficult to work in a pet store when you love animals!

By the way, this is my first post here and when I saw the post about our zoos’ I decided to make my appearance. I love whenever I can have the chance to talk about our animals!
Oh, and for those of you who don’t know me, I am sometimes refoered to here as Mrs. IrkenDoom. Greetings to everyone!

I have 2 Firebelly toads (Bombina orientalis) named Fred and George. They are bright green and black on top, and bright red and black on the bottom.
In another tank I have two African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus Laevis) named Pinky and Greenie. Pinky is an albino (freakish pink frog). Can you guess what color the other one is?

I also have three dogs. Francesca is a 100 (or so) pound Bull Mastiff. Big and dumb as a box of hammers, but a good girl. Herbie J Dog is a 50 pound beagle mutt. He might have some boxer or greyhound in him as well, he’s tall for a beagle type dog. Pogo is a 12 pound schnoodle. I love that little dog. He’s smart and comical, but also has a bratty streak a mile wide. I thought of him the entire time I watched Lilo and Stitch, that should give you some idea about his personality. :slight_smile:

A male conure named Tupac.

A female cockatiel named Kurt.

(They woudn’t answer to my first choice of names, Jay and Silent Bob. Played I Get Around one day and Tupac went crazy. It stuck)

A female sealpoint Siamese cat, full name Lil Spike Kitty, goes by Spike.

A female russet Pit Bull named Foley.
In the past, I’ve had a golden gecko (Gex) and a hedgehog (Driedel). I’d love a raccoon.

I really hope that you are not a nurse.


Named after Mick Foley, the wrestler. Not the catheter. Sheesh :smiley:

I have a toy submarine full of Sea Monkeys!(No idea how many males or females)

I really would like a giant turtle on whose shell I could laze around and would carry me from place to place while taking in the surroundings:D

A collie dog named “Rudy”
Two cats named “Tiger” and “Butterscotch”
Two bunnies (Brownie & Spots)
Two guinea pigs (Henry & Stephen)
Four goldfish
30 hens
2 roosters
2 horses (Dixie & Scout)
1 pygmie goat buck
2 pygmie goat nannies (soon to give birth)
2 pygmie goat kids

 For those keeping score at home, that's a grand total of 50 !!


Lots of yaks.

And wombats.

Lots of wombats, too./

Right now, we only have:


Lexi–Pit bull that I’m “dog-sitting” for my brother-in-law, indefintely (meaning, she’ll eventually belong to me :D)

2 hamsters, who have changed names so many times thanks to my daughter that I can’t keep up. Right now, they are named Harry and Hermoine, despite the fact they are both female.

Due to my son’s severe asthma, I had to find homes for my two very much beloved housecats, Fatboy and Spook. I still miss them.

I also have a “retired” and ancient Quarter Horse, Chief, who is living out his twilight years in complete luxury on my parents’ farm.

Where I used to work, we had two of these little critters, and let me just say, your name for him is very appropriate. It seems that these little guys took the idea of continuation of the species very seriously. Have you ever seen millipedes mate? For bugs, it is very explicit. Heck, for any animal it is explicit. Lets just say there were transfers of a lot of suspicious fliud.:eek:

As for my zoo:

(At my parents place)

Dog, named Gonzo. He lives up to his name to say the least. He is a Pyrenees Mastiff/St. Bernard cross. Which equals BIG!. And very friendly. No matter how much I try, he doesn’t realize that he is not a small lap dog. I did teach him to sing though.

Cat, goes by the name Charlie. Unfriendly, kinda loopy. Getting really fat now, and calming down somewhat. Still a nutbar.

Leopard Gecko’s, two. Mo and Jo. Funny looking and don’t like to be handled. At various times both have attempted to enjoy the culinary delight that are my fingertips.

(At my place):

One Bearded Dragon. I call her Sahara Evinrude Bobcaygeon. She is my pride and joy. I raised her from a pup. Used to be very much afraid of people. Mellowed out a lot in the last few months, now scratches at her tank when I get home, so that I’ll take her out. Usually, she’ll just sit on my shoulder while I walk around, but when I’m at the computer, she loves to crawl around the keyboard. I’ve been around her too long though. Her preferred food of live meal worms are actually starting to look kinda tasty. I’m not so much worried that I’ll eat one, but rather, that I’ll enjoy it.