Tell me your pets

OK pets, I know you people have some.

Pets (not breeders, got tons of those) in my home

Gala- Beagle, spoiled rotten attention slut
Named after Salvador Dali’s wife

Xena- African Gray, spoiled rotten, only loves Daddy, talks in my annoying voice though, hows that for payback?
named after decesed cat (long story)

Brisco- Nanday Conure- adopted from someone who couldnt pay enough attention to him (half plucked feathers)

Gimpy- Dutch Blue Lovebird- Our first baby, between having strattled legs (far apart) and losing part of two toes (got wrapped in a towel thread) his name is appropriate. But apparently he likes the message board, he keeps flying down to my keyboard.

Makita- African Gray- adopted, scared bird, cant touch him. Although he says lots of things and dances while making the sound of a finger snapping.
So pretty much my house is a little noisy.
Whats yours like?

Mister Jack- my cat who gets phone calls and emails.

Dr. Evil and Frau- My two Oscars, who are stupid, psychotic, and very hungry.

My Other fish who have no names- They live in the plant tank- several glow-lite tetras, some zebra danios, a pleco and one otto cat.

Brenda the Venus Flytrap.

Shadow - A little black kitty. She’s a bitch. I’ll sell her for a dollar.

Katy- My dog. Thinks she is a pricess and we are her servants. You would think she was a cat. She does.

$1 consider her paid for.

I have lots of fish tanks too, but I dont name them

Especially my reef tank, I dont think people name their coral.

now gimpy is on my keys, is he trying to tell me something??

Katy your shih tzu you used to throw in my face to wake my up when I used to spend the night at your house when we were thirteen.

I don’t have any pets.

However, Kobii does. She is a chocolate point siamese, and she has a pet…a 5’4" redhead you all affectionately call Scotti.

Leonard - Giant, lovable black lab with some sort of gland problem so he is fat despite diet and exercise. Dopey looking but intelligent, always good for a laugh.

Peaches - Dumb name for a great cat…middle aged very sweet male cat.

Andy - neurotic kitty. cute and nice but crazy and noisy about it. no other cat we’ve had since we got Peaches about 8 years ago has turned out quite right, who knows why.

The house is large enough for them i suppose, but I am forever waging war against the animal hair, i think Leonard should be bald, i am constantly amazed. Wouldn’t part with them though.

Corndog - Field Spaniel, named because we needed a name when we took him into the vet several months after getting him and were embarassed to say that we called him Puppy.

Lady - Cocker, named thusly because we got her right after Lady and the Tramp came out on video and we had a little girl and you get the picture.

Trilby - Collie, was originally Shelby when she lived with the Collie Rescue folks but that was too close to one of my human daughters’ name. It’s Scottish, sounds like Shelby, and Wife liked the book, it being sordid trash from the 19th century.

Corvette - Cockatiel, continuing our tradition of naming Cockatiels after GM products, even though I’m a Ford man.

Puffy Cloud - Blue and white Budgie.

Spot - Goldfish with a spot.

Debbie - The rest of the fish have always been named Debbie.

Trumpy - Itty-bitty frog, named after a character in The Pod People, which the kids saw on MST3K.

I think that’s everybody.

Pimpollo- evil demon mutt from the darkest reaches of hell, my sister is convinced he’s German Shepherd/Chow Chow though. He’s demonically vicious to the world but he’s the sweetest puppy dog when he’s just with the family. He thinks my father is god


Taffy - my 18 yr. olds - blond ex-male cat, dumb dumb dumb, when a kitten he “let” then 6 yr. old cut its facial whiskers (the one’s used to judge width of narrow spaces) and some of the hair on its tail and body. All grew back. Caused light-speed exit by elderly piano teacher when wife asked child, “Did you cut Taffy’s hair?” “Maybe” was the almost innocent reply. Zoom went the piano tchr. Prompted call to vet, “do whiskers grow back?” Taffy likes to harrass Dottie.

Dottie - wife’s cat, grey and white (the cat), when kitten had a white dot on back, now a smear. When younger would fetch those little “fuzzy-wuzz” cat toy puffs. Would do several cycles of returning the thrown toy. Now brings toy into room cries loudly for us to play,then watches as we throw toy over cat’s head. We humans are well-trained. Most vocal of the lot.

Prissy - mine, black and white and fat, found under my wife’s portable classroom (schools overcrowded, some classes in double-wides with no interior walls). PlanMan got a call at work, “We found this kitten under my classroom. You either need to come and take it to the vet, … or take it to the Shelter.” Translation, you can adopt this stray, or take it to BE KILLED!!! and sleep outside forever. Altho’ now the fatest, only one that won’t have anything to do with people-food. (NOT a “To Serve Man” reference)

Mrs. PlanMan has said, and I agree, if there is anything to reincarnation, I wanna come back as my cat.

Loki - Our (female) guinea pig. “Loki” is the Norse god of mischief. She fits the name perfectly. Also, we’ve discovered, there’s a reason that they’re called guinea pigs.

Cherry - My chow mix. She never runs out of enegery and is always willing to run… way faster than me.

Marlin, my 4 year old ASPCA kitty. I got him when he was 2. He has become rather fat, and indicates that it’s Time to Feed the Cat by poking me in the face as I sleep.

Twitch, the ferret. Got her this past September, she’s about 7 months old now. She gives kisses and loves her ferret treats. Ignores most actual toys, choosing instead to play with empty boxes and wads of paper.

Raisin, the other ferret. Joined the household last Sunday, and is about 9 weeks old. Loves toys, pushes ping pong balls with her nose, and will fall asleep in the middle of the floor when she’s tuckered out. Twitch thinks she’s nuts, but they get along great and are fun to watch together.

I have (in order of their arrival to our home):

Missy. A golden colored,pit bull/lab mix, 18 months old. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever owned. Lousy watchdog. Barks her head off, but if anybody moves an inch near her (that she doesn’t know) she backs up, barking like a fool the whole time, and one time fell backwards down a flight of stairs because she was in such a rush to get away from…ahem…the pizza guy. She’s also convinced she’s a chihuahua because she loves to try to sleep in my lap, and she weighs about 60 pounds. It’s not very fun.

Ozzie. Named after Ozzie Osbourne. 5 months old. Black and white, wiry, rat-like Jack Russell terrier. I think he has cocaine coursing through his veins instead of blood…he’s THAT wired for sound. Very vocal. Will argue with you for hours. (Yes, we talk to him and he answers. The sad part is we know what he’s saying.) I also now only own about 2 pair of shoes, thanks to him. And no pantyhose. He has a thing about my pantyhose. (His name suits him…he’s weird.)

Jezebel. The newest baby to our family. We just adopted her from the Humane Society this week. She’s a 3 year old tortoiseshell Persian. Absolutely the most beautiful cat I have ever had the pleasure to brush. She has impeccable manners (totally housebroken, unlike Ozzie the lunatic) and enjoys sleeping on my husband’s head. She likes to give kisses by creeping up to you and touching her nose gently to yours and purring very loudly. My husband, the affirmed cat-hater, would kill anybody that said an unkind word about his “beauty”.

They are all really wonderful pets, and we are lucky to have been chosen by them. I consider them my OTHER 3 kids.

Hey now! I think I’m worth more than a dollar…oh wait. Nevermind.

I also have a female cat named Shadow. She is about a year and a half old now and I think my male cat, Gizmo, knocked her up this month. I always meant to get the cats fixed, but I just haven’t had the money. Shadow is just your typical gray and black tiger-stripe kind of cat (domestic short hair). Gizmo is a mutt-cat and a garbage disposal/vacuum cleaner built into one. He will eat anything that is left on the floor, including children’s toys, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, you name it. I’m not sure what kind of cat he is. His fur is really long and bushy and he sheds like a S.O.B. But he is extremely sociable and friendly, unlike Shadow who could care less about us, except for when it comes to dinnertime.

Let’s see:
Buddy, a buff colored cocker spaniel
Mickie, a Jack Russell cross. She’s Buddys dog.
Molly Milancy, mini-wiener dog.
Tatertot YLF, a yorkie named in thread in this board by Tatertot and Twisty.
Iggy, male orange and wihte tiger cat
Twilight, female long haired gray tabby
Polly, a 24 toed patched tortie female
Cueball, a huge off-white male with blue eyes
Snowball, Cue’s sister (cuz she “gots no balls” get it?)
Lefty, a multi-toed all black male
Bear, a long haired all black female,
Fido, a grey tabby
Tiger, a grey tabby
and a guinea pig named Hairy, because it is.

By age and arrival:

Sam, our “Generic Terrier”, because the card on the HS kennel wasn’t specific. Weighs 20 pounds, natural stub tail, long ears, shortish curly beige hair, matches the carpet. We’ve had him about 8 years, suspect he’s about 10-11. Grandpa Alb says his eyea are too close together and “He looks like a freak.” When he was younger, we could get him so wound up playing ‘Kill the Rope Toy’ that he would finally just tear around the house with his tail tucked and his back legs so far forward he looked like a rabbit. Hence ‘Bunny Mode’.

Annie, a Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog - an intentional cross in some places - known as Montana or Texas heelers. Forty-five pounds of wannabe lap dog, basically white, with black spots merging into large black splotches on her back, brown spots on her lower legs and brown ‘eyebrows’. Prick ears, one of which is usually at half-mast. Annie came to us through the Coalition for Pet Protection, an area voluteer group that does all-breed, all-species rescue and placement. (They also do things like spay/neuter assistance and provide food and emergency vet services for the animals of people using the homeless shelters.) She’s about 5 now. She nearly ate the house when we got her. Among other things, she destroyed a telephone (some pieces were never found), ate several buttons and a significant quantity of upholstery off our couch, shredded a grocery sack full of aluminum cans - and I mean all of them in pieces and scattered throughout the main floor - but apparently didn’t actually eat any of them, and dug a hole in the wall next to the deck door. Likes to heel us around the house when she’s excited about something. We were told that some ingrate threw her from a moving car when she was a few months old. She did have a couple of scrapes and a somewhat pukey dislike of cars at first, but I can’t verify the story. These days, she’s content to sleep on the furniture and go to the park. She’s seen cattle, but didn’t want any.

Some fish are in our future, but we haven’t set up the tank yet. I like the idea of naming them all the same.


Brat is my Red-fronted Kakariki or parakeet. He’s generally sweet-natured, quietly telling me “You’re bad, you’re a bad bad birdie” (species identification conflict). He has a nasty temper when he’s woken up - his pupils constrict and the red irises fill his eyes, making him look possessed. My little devil bird. He has the biggest freakin’ feet. His picture is at the bottom of my homepage.

In a few hours I have to take him to a bird boarding house since I’ll be in Dallas for a week. I hope he’ll have fun.

Phoebe GSD/GreyhoundX. Throwaway dog; had her for 9 years. Loving, devoted, dumb as a box of rocks. Great watchdog…Lets absolutely nobody in the house unless someone is here, is an 80lb slut once she knows you’re an accepted human. Has socialized legions of dogs I’ve fostered, mainly by biting every last one of them at least once. They go to their new homes with better manners! We call her the “Enforcer.” Loves her cat…

Darryl. Small orange cat, ferocious hunter. Often found sleeping next to Phoebe on the couch. They also share the dog house. It’s cute.
Taz. Hairy black 14 year old cat, with a permanently grumpy expression. Hates being petted, but likes being wherever the people are. I found her under a dumpster when she was a barely weaned hairball in 1987.

Daphne Feral kitten, now a young cat. I started feeding her when she teensy & hiding in my woodpile. Then I trapped her & had her spayed. Now she is allowing me to pet her & play with her, but on her terms only. Cute little grey & white kitty.

AND…Cooper who will arrive Feb 26. A rottweiler puppy I have waited for since early January. His conformation and working pedigree is impeccable. Sire (Evrmor’s UR The One) is one of the top show rotts in Canada & the US - he won BISS in Westminster in 1998. also has obedience titles. Dam is also a champion & has herding
titles. Both parents (dam lives in New Mexico) are family pets with lovely temperaments. Woohoo…I’m excited! Met my new baby yesterday at the big dog show here, he’s going to be a beautiful boy. My best friend is getting a female out
of the same litter, so we’re like two expectant mommies!