What's it Like Streaking in Nuremberg? Expensive!


How does that compare to the punishment in the US?

One bratwurst: 5$
Showing everyone your personal bratwurst: 270$
Knowing what it feels like to go streaking in Nuremberg: Priceless

Depending on the jurisdiction, you may have to appear in court, you can be conceivably be charged with ‘lewd and lascivious behavior’, which means you would have to register for the rest of your life as a sex offender. That extreme outcome is undoubtedly rare, but it is possible, at least in California, as I read on a website discussing nude beaches.

If you’re really unfortunate, the case may be dismissed for lack of evidence.

Judgment at Nuremberg II; this time, it’s personal.

“People who were treated to the Monday afternoon spectacle were less than impressed…”


Well, it’s not exactly warm in Germany this time of year. Shrinkage!

I didn’t think that would be illegal in Germany either. Of course I would probably inquire about it first.

“Golly, is it illegal here to take a dump on the hood of a moving police car? Sorry— I’m from America!”

Nuremberg for make benefit of glorious nation of Amerikastan?

Because streaking in Germany is so different from streaking anywhere else…?

I must admit I am a tiny bit surprised he got arrested. Continental Europe, mostly, is so much less repressive about human nudity anyway, that I wondered if a streaker might be subjected merely to social censure; as someone making a horrible fashion faux pas. In other words, I wouldn’t have been totally surprised if it were the case that there were no laws against nudity there.

Ze german helmet, it goes floppity floppity.

I didn’t think people in Europe were as uptight as Americans about nudity. Am I wrong in that assumtion?

It’s a bit complicated. The law says:

There’s no really clear-cut definition of “exhibitionist”. Simple nudity is not generally prohibited. Nevertheless certain groups like nude joggers and cyclists regularly get into trouble. Overall the emphasis seems to be on “annoys another person”. Nothing will happen if you are naked in a context where it can be expected to some degree e.g. on the beach. The more out of place you are and the more you make a spectacle out of yourself, the more severe the consequences will be.

Thank you kellner for the cite. I’ve never been to Europe, but that law seems to make sense and still keep in line with what I’ve heard.

It’s also occurred to me that if a culture makes ample accommodations to naturists, as I understand they do in Germany–many beaches, areas set aside in city parks, and so on, then that might add to the offense factor if someone streaks or exposes himself outside those areas set aside for nudity.