Is the tolerance of public nudity eroding, in Western Europe?

(Note: Some pictures in the linked series have tiny figures of topless women on beaches. I don’t think any of these violate the two-click rule, however, based on my links. If I overlooked anything please let me know and I’ll fix it.)

Just now I came across a photo stream on the website of a major European news magazine; specifically depicting eight popular vacation spots where you can be fined for excess exposure. In some of these places, it’s a matter of not being allowed to go from your hotel to the beach in your bathing suit–even if your hotel is on the beach. This strikes me as reasonable, as does the Vatican’s expectation that short pants or skirts are not to be worn in St. Peter’s, recently extended to cover the entire territory of Vatican City.

But the real shocker comes from the Cote d’Azur, which, to American advocates of clothes-free recreation, has a nearly mythical status; the predicate of statements such as “Why can’t I live in ___??”, or “Why can’t my country be more like ____?”. Here’s the copy, followed by my translation:

I’m a bit surprised here! When did priggishness become the new normal? It’s almost like they’re going “the American way”.

And one other place where going nude was allowed, but no more:

Appenell, Switzerland

(I don’t know why I can’t translate into my own language without sounding like it isn’t.)

My question here is, for those of you who live in Western Europe, or spend a lot of time there, does it seem to you that people are getting more prudish–anecdotally at least? That is, if you even notice or worry about this at all?

I don’t know how it is from a legal point of view, but it seems that the younger generation isn’t nearly as much into topless sunbathing as their mothers or even grandmothers were or still are (to the chagrin of onlookers, I guess).

ETA : Also, I think that restrictive regulations might have more to do with people becoming more litigious over here than with more prudishness. Instead of just being pissed off, people will harass or threaten the local authorities if they don’t take action against whatever it is they don’t like (including nudism).