What's next for Tarantino?


So, as a watcher of Tarantino films over the years, it has become clear that there is one particular story template that he has used repeatedly. Pick a universally reviled target, and construct a fantasy revenge story to violently off the target, literally up in flames.

Inglorious Basterds - Hitler/Nazis
Django Unchained - Slave holders
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Manson gang

So, my question is who is there left that fits that criteria of a universally reviled target? By that I mean one that is not going to get some corner of support from some segment of the population being butthurt that they are being targeted. In spite of our current overheated political climate, doing away with Hitler/Nazis will not get some concerned citizens coming out of the woodwork and saying “Hey, aren’t you being a little hard on them?” Not going to happen.

Same with Slave holders and the Manson gang.

So, who is left? ISTM that even “middle eastern terrorists” is seeing a strong movement in entertainment to humanize Muslims and Arabs in order to counteract stereotyping.

What easily identifiable groups are left that could be used with 100% certainty as a revenge target in a Tarantino film and not get any pushback? Would he have to dig into history more and go for the likes of the Capone gangsters of the 1930’s, or Genghis Khan, or school shooters?

Or, has Tarantino exhausted all of the few possibilities at this point?

Tarantino is going to film a story where James Ivory and Ismael Merchant, in ill health and penniless in 2020, invent a time machine which allows them to travel back in time to 1990 and kill a certain young asshole who wants to break into film. It will be the most meta, referential film in the history of cinema and will win All The Oscars.

I would go see that!

I don’t see this as the central theme of Tarantino’s work. To me, Tarantino takes a movie genre and then makes a movie that reflects all of the tropes of the genre.

So he doesn’t make a movie with Nazis because he wants an easy villain. He makes a movie with Nazis because hundreds of previous movies used Nazis as an easy villain.

Tarantino will never run out of subject matter as long as other people keep making movies.

He wants to do Star Trek. And has said that he is retiring after his next movie, whatever it is.

If Tarantino were doing Star Trek and keeping it PG or PG-13, I might actually be okay with that.

But all signs point to him wanting to make it an R-rated film, and if that’s the case, I won’t be watching it. Keep your Pulp Fiction the hell out of my Star Trek.

I think a space opera, just not Star Trek, would be a good choice. Something along the lines of Battle Beyond the Stars with that Seven Samurai feel to it.

Just don’t do it with John Travolta or you might end up with a Battlefield Earth.

Shame that Robert Vaughn is dead.

Wasn’t there also talk, a while back, of how Tarantino had designs on a 007 flick?

I agree with this. Tarantino isn’t about revenge movies per se but about his spin on various genre movies.

If he does do a Star Trek movie, it will be his spin on sci fi movies.

How about a 4 hour musical in the style of Bollywood about Cambodia during Viet Nam, but at the 3 1/2 hour mark, a fried out hippie accidentally runs over Pol Pot with his bicycle?

I’d be interested in seeing a Tarantino horror movie. Something old school with vampires and werewolves and mad scientists.

What’s next for Tarantino?

I’d bet hookers and blow.

My guess is that after a few years of fighting to make the Star Trek movie he wants to make, he’ll claim to have abandoned it while simultaneously releasing the big budget XXX Stellar Journey under a poorly-concealed pseudonym.