What's next from Ken Burns?

Love his documentaries. PBS usually drops hints to what his next project is, but I haven’t heard anything and his offical website is a few years out of date. Anyone know what he is working on and what season’s pledge drive it will air?

I’m of no help but Florentine Films makes no mention of what he’s working on. It says “This series of films will conclude with a biography of Mark Twain, scheduled to be released in 2001.” And that’s their most recent news for him. Maybe he’s taking a little time off to be with his family?

They have the number for the studio. I suppose it can’t hurt to call them up and ask them. If you’re that type of person that is.

It takes years to make these documentaries. So you would think that someting is in the works somewhere?

Hope you’re still up because now I am of help. PBS does tell you what he’s working on. It’s the second in his FAQ at PBS. Sounds like he’s got the next few years planned there. Four movies are on tab.

Now I’m really looking forward to Horatio’s Drive. I really enjoy those kinds of stories. And America’s Best Idea: Our National Parks (another one for the colon thread) also sounds really interesting. So do the other two but the first and last are the ones that peak my interest the most.