What's NIMBY?

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Not In My Back Yard

IE - it’s a great idea, as long as it’s in someone else’s neighbourhood.

Not In My Back Yard.

As in, “we don’t want that nuclear reactor/high-security prison/toxic waste dump/reform school/halfway house built in this county. Build it over in that county.”

NIMBY = Not in my backyard. It is expressed when people want governement (or other) projects so long as they don’t interfere in the NIMBY’er’s life.

For example everyone wants shelters for Battered Women. But where there is a shelter you often find violence or domestic goings on (real or just imagined). So they like the idea of a womens’ shelter but not next to them.

And so on…

It’s an acronym of sorts…
Not In My Back Yard.

NIMBY is used by “grassroots” opposition to some building project or other “disgrace” that will affect property values or “quality of life”. Example: People have brought lawsuits against the building of new prisons; “I know we need more prisons, but not in my back yard”.

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Not in my back yard.

Generally refers to community opposition to some planned development or placement of a service/facility etc. that surrounding property owners would possibly object to, also sometimes used in the context of an ironic comment when communities want services provided but do not want to deal with the required infrastructure (prisons, landfills, halfway houses, sewage processing plants, power plants etc. etc.)

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I’ve heard of a related phenomenon involving politicians known as NIMTOO (Not In My Term Of Office).

The best one I’ve heard lately is BANANA – Build Absolutely Nothing Anwhere Near Anything

I’ve seen a product with this name. I think it was basically fox urine and was used to scare away animals. I could be wrong; it may have been a pepper-based product. I do remember that the idea was to keep cats, dogs, and other small animals out of your back yard or garden.

I heard BANANA as Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody. Applied to power plants, this was a key element in the recent electricity shortages in California.


Make that


I just had to share this unbelievable news item I saw the other day. People in South Gate (a city just outside Los Angeles) are holding a protest about building a new POWER PLANT inside their city. I mean…HELLO!!! What state do you f***ers think you live in?? I’m not gonna deal with rolling blackouts just because you don’t want a power plant in your backyard! We gotta build it somewhere!

Seriously, I’m thinking of getting some people together and driving down there and busting a few heads.

Anyway… /end rant :slight_smile:


The term NIMBY was apparently first used by urban planners, to describe citizen protest over essential, but potentially undesitable uses – things like group homes, cell towers, starter home developments, and so on.

Some other terms …

BANANA - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyhing
CAFO - Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (feedlot)
CAVE - Citizens Against Virtually Everything
LULU - Locally Unwanted Land Use
NIMTOO - Not In My Term Of Office
NOOS - Not On Our Street
NOPE - Not On Planet Earth
PITBY - Put (it) In Their Back Yard
SOB - Sexually Oriented Business

Another example is: a lot of gasoline is made in Texas. In most states there is no way anyone would let a refinery go into “their back yard.” Hence, Texas has high pollution – the gas has to be made somewhere. Hence, Governor Bush was portrayed as anti-environment, even though most everyone drives cars. And I think the reputation of a whole state which is mostly pristine (don’t mess with Texas!) was sullied just because some people weren’t as nimby-esque as they could have been.


Actually, what the citizens in South Gate complained about was “economic racism.” Why build in poor South Gate rather than in Brentwood or Beverly Hills? They did not even try their backyards, they went right for the poor people of Hispanic descent. (Of course, the characterization of the Power Plant owners as “fat rich white guys” was pretty rascist, too.)