What's not to love?

Ugly fonts, ugly icons, cluttered screens, busted quotes, busted italics, and slower than the old board. What’s not to love about this new steaming pile of ocelot shit message board?

I might agree with you Otto (or is it the other way around ottO), expcept for the fact that I am currently sucking around jdavis over in mpsims for a personal welcome. I will get back to you later though.

What was that word again?
Oh yes.


Please tell me you’re not implying what I think you’re implying.

?? Not sure what you think I’m implying, CF.

How about this then: Boo-friggin’-hoo.

(Sorry, Otto, nothing personal, but, well . . . get over it.)


Whew. For a while there I thought you used the word “waaahhh” because a certain former poster to these boards also did - hence implying that Otto was his most recent incarnation. I’m sure you know who I mean.

I don’t know Otto all that well, obviously, and I beg forgiveness for the misunderstanding.

One thing to love: The fact that it doesn’t crash every day. Or at all so far. Also, I haven’t found it at all slower than the old board. The nice large window to type your messages in. I see the exact same fonts that I saw in the old board. I’m sure the techs would love to do more work resetting the board constantly when it inevitably crashes just so you can have your pretty icons and uncluttered display back.

Otto, please know this: At no point would I ever, ever, despise you enough to imply that you were EVER anything at all like Cyber-John-idiot. EVER.
I assure you, I meant “Wah” as in a Lucy-esque sob, rather than some phycho-muppet laughter.
Carry on.

“Ocelot shit”? I suppose that’s part of the upgrade, too? Myself, I think I prefer the older term, “cat shit”.

Presumably the techs & admins have some range for customization of the look ‘n’ feel of the board. My impression is that they tossed the software together on the quick & dirty side, and they want to wait for the functionality of the board to settle down before they really dig in and change the appearances.

The HMTL is either being generated from hard-coded information in C code (horrible), Perl scripts (bad), or merged with some sort of HTML template (good). I would expect to see the big LnF adjustments in the next month or so.

Remember, putting this stuff together is a lot of work. And, especially in matters of appearance, you can’t please everyone. Be patient, and when you’re posting around 2:00 pm, remember that the old board was almost always dead at that time of day.