What's Paypal like these days?

I drastically miss a local brand of hot salsa that I bought for years in the grocery store when I lived in Colorado. Some investigation has informed me that I can order a case of it online, fairly expensively, but I’m still interested.

Problem is, they only accept Paypal online.

I know that there have been a lot of issues with Paypal over the years. If I want to sign up simply to order one item from one vendor, are there still issues I should worry about?

I can’t say I’ve noticed any real problems. Paypal’s really easygoing on infrequent purchasers. Privacy-wise, there are still some concerns, but you can link a credit card to your Paypal account and keep an eye on that. I linked it to my bank account, which may be unwise, but I haven’t had problems yet. Transactions all go through pretty much effortlessly; there’s no real technical issues.

If you just want to make the one-time purchase, I believe you can link your credit card to it, make the purchase, then delete your CC info, if that’s what you’re primarily concerned about.

I accept PayPal on a merchant site that I run, and I use it to pay for purchase. I set up my account about 6 or 7 years ago, and I’ve never had a problem with them of any kind.

NOTE: I do not run it as a connection to a credit card. I transfer money to (and rarely from) my bank account. I don’t know if this makes a difference.

I’ve had a paypal account since 2000 and have never had a problem.

I also have never had a problem with PayPal and am befuddled as to where all the PayPal hate is from. I guess some people have had a bad experience. I’ve been a member since they started. I’ve used it as both a buyer and a seller. Only people receiving money have to pay a fee of any kind. I love PayPal.

I think that might be it. I just don’t have any use for it, really. I’ve never needed it before for any online purchases, and I can’t imagine ever needing it again. Except perhaps when I’ve worked my way through the 12 jars of salsa, or if I find that Invisible Wombat can sell me all of J. J. Marric’s Gideon series.

I’m just a little leery of putting some bank or CC info on there for such limited use.

Well, I have had a problem and paypal is a nightmare. I had it linked to my checking account and they put a charge through that I did not authorize three months in a row. I opened up a dispute and their final resolutions was essentially, it is your charge so tough. Except it wasn’t and I have no recourse but to never deal with them again. Learned my lesson. If you are going to use the service, do not link a bank account. My bank has taken up the cause but ultimately it is going to end up being a rather expensive lesson.

That’s understandable. Paypal’s reputation relies on trustworthiness, but its popularity still makes it a risk to just throw your financial information on it if you’ll never do anything with it again.

FWIW, I just doublechecked to confirm, and there is a big ol’ “Remove” button under my bank account info, so you shouldn’t have any trouble erasing it once you’re done.

Been on PayPal for years- never had any problem with them. BUT Disputes with dealers need to be handled within the time limites mandated. They’ll do nothing for you if you let the time frame (either 30 or 45 days) elapse before doing something.

I have had Paypal for many years and I also have a Paypal debit card. I only had one issue when I used the debit card and at the merchant the transaction said it did not go through but it appeared it did on Paypals end. It took over a week for it to clear out and the funds were put bank in my Paypal account.

It comes in handy when I go shopping for my mom. She can just Paypal me the money for her stuff and then I can just use the debit card at the store. It saves me a trip over to her house to get her bank debit card or cash.

I’ve had Paypal for at least 6 years and never had any problem. I do have it linked to a bank account as a matter of convenience, but it’s an account that has only a few hundred dollars, at most, so my risk is limited. I make eBay purchases perhaps once or twice a year and it’s the easiest way to do it.

One minor annoyance though - I have one vendor (local landscaping company) that accepts Paypal. Some months I want to put it on the credit card because it’s more than the small amount in the bank account. Paypal really, REALLY wants me to use the bank account with the cc just as a fallback; I have to click at least one “are you really, REALLY sure???” to force it to use the credit card.

No idea what would happen if I tried to pay an amount larger than the bank balance - I know Paypal would get a rejection and presumably just hit the credit card, so no harm there… but the bank just might nail me for the “overdraft”.