What's tackier: see-through skirt or visible slip?

Help resolve a debate I’m having with my roommate. The skirt in question was gauzy, and you could see the outline of her legs when she was in the sun or bright light, or to wear the skirt with a slip. The slip was only a couple inches shorter than the skirt, so if it shifted at all, the edge of it would have been showing under the hem of the skirt. It was obviously a slip, and could not masquerade as another layer of the skirt or something. It was a sunny day, and she was going for a walk. Which of these choices do you think would have been more tacky?

Honestly, neither of these would be the end of the world in my book, unless the skirt was really see-through. So, I guess the transparent thing would be tackier, but only if it was pretty bad.

I wouldn’t say either is ‘tacky’. but I feel self-conscious if I think my underwear is showing through, blouse or skirt.

The slip was 2 inches shorter than the skirt? That sounds fine. I don’t see how the slip would show unless she bent over.

Was the skirt see-through enough that you could tell if she was wearing underwear or not?

Neither one is tacky. Unless the skirt is sheer enough that her underwear is visible in ordinary light, there are no problems.

Just the outline of her legs in bright light? Non-issue.

Going for the walk was the tackiest choice.


The slip should be cotton. And then you’re fine.

But who buys a see through skirt?!

I’m old-fashioned, but I agree that the skirt wouldn’t be tacky for taking a walk unless it is so sheer that a passer-by could determine her personal grooming choices. In a professional or formal setting, my answer might change…

That said, hasn’t anyone ever heard of “shortening” a slip by rolling up the waistband once or twice?

Have you tried to find a skirt that isn’t see-through lately? They are rare. At least in my size range.

That’s what I’ve done in the past, when a skirt was too sheer for comfort, and the only slip I owned was a little bit too long. The two sheer skirts I currently own actually have a short slip built in - it comes to about mid-thigh while the skirts are both mid-calf or longer. Hides the goods, lets the skirt stay breezy.

You can even get all high-tech and pin it up with safety pins. Or make an emergency hem with masking tape.

I believe a gauzy skirt, especially around the legs, can be sexy. So I’d have to say the slip. Who cares if her legs were showing? Goodness me.

Oh, now you’re just getting all crazy, with your fancy hems and safety pins and masking tape. Back in my day, we just ripped off the extra length with our teeth.

And we liked it!

more see-through skirts, please.



Men who notice a see-through skirt are going to try awfully hard to determine whether or not you’re wearing underwear, and what sort, etc.

Women who notice are going to judge you because they know that your skirt is drawing attention of men away from them (though they may not realize they’re doing this and just think that you’re being ‘tacky’, but jealousy is fueling that thought).

If you’re ok with both of the above, then see-through skirt. If not, visible slip!

I’m gonna need pics of this skirt. For research. Hot, sticky research.


There is nothing hotter than the back-lit silhouette of a woman’s legs through a sheer skirt. It’s like being 12 years old and having a pair of those x-ray glasses from the back of comic book and discovering that they actually work.

Really? I don’t think I’ve ever bought a skirt that wasn’t see through. If they are made of gauzy material they usually have thicker material underneath.

You joke, but snip to fit slips and culottes are sold. The customer has to snip a little bit of the thread holding one section of hem to another, and then pulls off the rest of it. No hemming!