What's that dance song with the Knight Rider beat?

It sounds Indian for most of the song, and then it drops down to a deep bass beat that follows the Knight Rider theme song. Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about? I heard it incessantly on vacation in Europe recently, so it might not even have come over here yet, I don’t know.

I believe it’s by Punjabi MC. That song was quite big on the radio here and I’m pretty sure that was the artist mentioned with the song.

Panjabi MC (ft Jay Z). The song’s called Mundian Te Bach Ke (which translates as “Beware Of The Boys”).

Panjabi MC is an Indian Brit who made hip hop out of his parents Indian records (the song samples a Bollywood tune as well as Knightrider, I think). Jay-Z heard the song in a nightclub in Switzerland, added his own rhymes to it and made it a big hit.

Thanks! It was driving me insane, especially since I was the only one listening who knew what Knight Rider was, and I thought maybe I was hallucinating the connection.

You can find two versions of the song out there: one with Jay-Z ruining it by talking on it and one with just Panjabi and the Knight Rider beat.

The latter is played regularly on www.c895fm.com (click on ‘on air’ to listen to the station…it’s fantastic and run by high school students)

The real question is, can anyone translate the lyrics?