What's that girl doing in that mitsubishi car commercial?


Good lord. This question’s starting to pop up as often as SUV and babies in movie theatre rants.

She’s dancing.

That’s so mean. How can you make fun of people with Parkinson’s?


Seriously, buy a Mitsubushi, have an orgasm.

I’s just that simple.

It’s the Elaine Benis Dance, I believe.

er ummm thanks Juanita

She’s asking to get smacked, is what she’s doing. I’ve only got a few rules for the passengers when I’m driving, and one of them is, “don’t make me turn around and try to figure out what the hell you’re doing.”

In the ranks of sucky car commercials, sure this one places highly- but how many GOOD car commercials are there in this day and age? The crime however, was perpetrated many years ago, the true decline of car commercials was the day they stopped running the Toyota commercial with the classic jump. You know…“I love what you do for me…” Yeah, those were the days!

Welcome panache. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with 0 posts before.

Now the Volkswagen commercials I do like. They consistently seem to be pretty entertaining… the smelly chair, the wife with wet hair that wasn’t impressed the car’s windows go down from the outside, etc.

Don’t forget the VW commercial with the guys tying the mattress to the roof of the car at a red light on a single-lane side street!

Man, my dad said exactly the same thing. Well, sort of. He looked at me, rolled his eyes and pantomimed a backhanded slap in the passenger direction.

I think she’s really cute…

I like her hat…

And I like the way she dances…

So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it because her boobs jiggle a lot.

What, aha, you’ve never seen a pop & lock routine? Sheesh.

If your company’s known for poor craftmanship and an inferior product, you’ll probably need jiggly boobs and catchy tunes to sell something. Apparently, it works.

At least the driver almost looks like he might be laughing at her.

I can’t believe I would think that’s a good thing.

I don’t like the hat but I don’t care for that type of hat on anyone, really. When a person wears a hat like that it looks like they’re trying too hard to be “street”.

I think he’s figuring he’ll get laid by 9:00 and can still catch the guys out for a couple of beers.

Call me a tv whore, but I like the commercial. I like the music, the woman, and the way she dances and then at the end puts her hand out and ‘flies’ it like I did when I was a kid(and still do).

And I never even noticed her boobs jiggling!

Thanks Lieu,

I’m a newcomer to the ranks of having little to nothing to do all day, and unlimited internet access. I LOVE my job.

That said- best commercial out there is for IKEA!!!
“Zhe lamp has no feelings!”

Speaking of VW commercials, I always really liked the one with the wedding where the guy runs in when the bride and groom are at the altar. Plus, the music in that one was awesome.

And I like the mix of Days Go By by Dirty Vegas that they use in that Mitsubishi spot…even thought the girl does look like a spaz.