What's that on your head? A wig!

Anyone have any wig/hairpiece/wiglet (I love that word)/fall/toupee experience?

I have long hair, and I have to keep it long (for reasons which are themselves long). Since I can’t get it cut for several years at least, I was thinking of getting a hair yarmulke: one of these. Y’know, plop it over my own hair with my bangs coming out underneath to blend.

Not as pouffy as in the photo . . . And matching my color might be a challenge. Anyone ever wear one o’ these things?

I’ve got no experience, so I’ll offer some advice. Don’t get one of these.

Have you considered extensions or a weave?
Those can give volume and/or length, without looking artificial, and at least that way you don’t have to worry about things slipping in a stiff breeze.

Anyhow, whatever you decide on, I know you’re much too classy to buy it over the net.

Now I’m desperately curious to know the reasons why Eve can’t cut her hair for several years.

Nor should you get one from Patricia Dunn’s stylist…

Are you going to donate your hair to Locks of Love?

Or maybe you’re growing it out on some strange bet?

Concur. You have to keep it long? I can really see only one logical explanation for that statement: you made a pact with the devil and giving up your long silky hair was your end of the baragin. We must know - what was his?

The thing is, my mother really likes my hair long and she’s very ill, so I don’t want to cut it and upset her. Which is ironic, since I wanted long hair when I was a kid and she kept making me get it cut . . .

But I just don’t think long hair is working on me, as I skid noisily into middle age. When I wear it down I look like an old hippie, and when I wear it up, I look like I just got off the boat from the Old Country.

So I figure a hair yarmulke might be a good solution (I know, you’ll say I can get my hair cut short and wear a long fall when I go to visit Mom, but you know it would unhook and drop off in front of her somehow).

I, too, am intrigued. Eve has a history of hating her hair but she was contemplating cutting it not so long ago. (FYI, this thread was instrumental in my decision to join. It made me chortle. And I don’t chortle easily.) So I simply must know why she can’t cut it now. Perhaps she is growing it long so she can then cut and sell it to buy her husband a watch fob only to discover that he has sold his watch to buy her a decorative comb. But I think she would have to get married first, if I recall correctly.

Eve, you cannot wear a wig. You are our fashion maven/icon/guru and mavens/icons/gurus cannot wear bad rugs.

Curses! :smack:

But Marlene Dietrich and Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly and even Audrey Hepburn wore “pieces” to fluff out their dos . . .

But didn’t they wear wiglets rather than wigs? And having to stuff long hair inside a wig all day can’t be pleasant. And would probably give you an oddly misshapen head.

I haven’t worn one myself, but my cousin with one has been quite happy with it, and it looks very natural on her. She wore a full wig for years, and raves about how comfortable and natural looking this is in comparison, and she used to sell and style wigs, so she knows her stuff. Her hair is wavy, between chin and shoulder length, and her ‘kippa sheitel’ (as they’re termed in my circles) is similar; I don’t know how it would work if her actual hair was significantly shorter/longer.

I’m an Orthodox Jewish woman and have just gotten married, so I now cover my hair. I have a 20’ wavy-curly fall, which means that it’s pretty heavy as these things go, and it stays on pretty solidly - I wouldn’t be worried. I have long hair that I need to fit up under my fall, which I couldn’t do without a full cap, as I’d have nowhere to put it. (My fall actually comes with a small, pouchlike extension to the cap that sits at the top of my neck, so that I can stuff my braid up into it fairly securely.) I don’t know where you’d put long hair underneath a kipa sheitel without giant lumps forming.

You’d definitely need to go shopping in person, to get a good color match, if you want any of your own hair showing at all. My fall was custom-made for me (long curly human hair ones are definitely best done custom, although for straight it’s probably a better idea to go semi-custom) so color matching wasn’t an issue, but it needs to be very close for anything other than a full wig. Even the normal oxidizing that happens with time (anybody with long hair can see this - hold the bottom of your hair up by the top, and you’ll probably see that it’s a shade or two paler/redder than when it first grew out of your head) gets to be a problem with falls, as you can start to tell the difference between the woman’s actual hair and the fall. (If you do buy one, and you’re deciding between two shades, get the slightly darker one, as when it fades, it’ll end up being closer to your hair than the paler one, which will get too light.)

I’m new enough at wearing mine that my friends have made gentle fun of the way that I still seem stiff in it, like I’m afraid it’s about to fall off (I’ve been married less than a month, and don’t wear it most days, so I’ve only worn it 6-7 times) but it actually stays on fairly securely, to the point that I actually have trouble getting the clips unsnapped when I want to get it off! They’re really fairly secure; my major comfort issue with the thing is that it gives me a headache after a couple of hours, but I’m not worried that it’s about to fall off. If I wear it for many hours running (the longest I’ve ever gone is about seven hours, to a wedding), it does slide back on my head very slightly, probably ending up about a quarter-inch behind where I originally set it on my head, but the clips won’t come unsnapped without significant pressure at a specific angle, which isn’t going to happen by accident.

Rapunzel, is that you?

Yes, I knew what you meant, but I will forever more picture you in a tower.

Yep, that’s what the “hair yarmulke” in the link is, not a full wig.

Thanks for the tips, GilaB–I better hunt up a good quality wig joint in Manhattan and go try on some wiglets (I just love saying “wiglet,” it’s such a cute word!).

Jessica Simpson is ready to help…

Eve, are cornrows out of the question?

If she cuts her hair, she’ll lose her amazing super-strength.

Cool! I’ve always wanted my own tower!

I’ve had long hair my whole life, and so I splurged on a fall as long as my own hair when I got married. (With human-hair wigs, the cost rises significantly with length.) Friends have been telling me to cut my own hair shorter, perhaps to shoulder length, to make it easier to cover, particularly with the fall (the weight and volume of hair stuffed under the cap is headache-inducing) but the thought of cutting my hair short is like the idea of cutting off one of my toes - I don’t technically need it, but it’d be painful. (Also, I would lose my amazing super-strength.) I don’t actually enjoy wearing the thing, and have defaulted mostly to scarves, occasionally to hats, but I miss my hair, even though it’s still attached to my head. People who know me fairly well have actually walked right by me on the street, I look so different.

On the other hand, people at my new graduate program have only ever seen me in scarves, so I look forward to showing up one day in my fall and not saying anything about it, just to screw with their heads.

Eve, if you’ve got more questions, feel free to email me - my own wig experience is still pretty limited, but I know plenty of wig-wearin’ gals, and can definitely ask around.

And wiglet is definitely fun to say. Wiglet, wiglet, wiglet. (Now, of course, I’m imagining Piglet in a wiglet, which is somehow even better.)

My friend’s mother wore a silver/grey wig so she would look the same age as her husband. It looked fine. I did not know it was a wig until I saw family photos where she was not wearing it.

Wiglets can look fine. My mother had one to enhance her hairdo when I was younger. It can be a lot easier to put your hair up and then ad the wiglet to finish a look than actually doing an updo that looks finished and right.