What's that sailor music called?

Anyone know what that silly music is that they play in cartoons when there’s a sailing scene? It’s not the “Drunken Sailor” song. Its sort of a flutey, tooty bit.

Doo do do do do
Doo do do do do do do do
Dooo do do do
Dooo do do do do do do do
duhhdaaa ddadda ddaaadaa ddaadda dddaaaaada ddaadda
da da da

I THINK it may have a line something like

And I never never ever really cared about the weather
'Cuz the weather never ever really cared for me!

The Sailor’s Hornpipe?

Sailors Hornpipe.

Is it Song of the Volga Boatmen? If so, it’s by Stravinsky.

Most sites do list Sailor’s Hornpipe (with the apostrophe). Here’s the verse you were thinking of:

Oh, a sailor’s life is the life for me
How I love to sail o’er the bounding sea
And I never, never, ever do a thing about the weather
For the weather never ever does a thing for me!

I think what Trigonal is referring to is a Sea Shanty…

See here .

Please ignore my post. I missed the lyrics that you mentioned. The doo’s and do’s threw me off.

It’s more correctly the College Hornpipe, though it’s commonly called the Sailor’s Hornpipe. Here’s the score for it (or alternatively, the mandolin tablature).

And an earlier thread. . .


Stravinsky did not compose that. It’s a folk song. Stravinsky did an arrangement of it.

Here’s a midi of Sailor’s Hornpipe. The links in the other thread are gone.


Wow…gotta love how a question bugging you for days gets 10 answers in a single afternoon.

Nine of them wrong… Check the sources. This is one where the brainless propagation of a misnomer has all-but-swamped the long-standing correct answer available by pre-Internet sources It is not the f***ing Sailor’s Hornpipe, but the College Hornpipe.

I guess you feel pretty strongly about the nomenclature of the music of the high seas.

eh, well, to my internet ears it sounds like “Greensleeves” - although I wouldn’t class that as being “silly” to fit with the OP? It’s more, umm, gentle sounding in places?

Drat. This music makes me want to dance a jig. I’ve been jigging nonstop since Padeye posted the link to the MIDI.

The melody is also found in H.M. Jollies by Kenneth J. Alford. One of my favorite marches, when listening to it played, it makes you feel like you’re on the high seas.

I believe the “popeye” part is also heard in his “A life on the Ocean Wave”

To clarify, I am not proposing Alford actually made up the popeye tune, it’s one of the old sea shanty’s that he included in his marches.