What's that song in the Mitsubishi commercial?

It’s a commercial for the “Eclipse”, whatever difference that might make. (Couldn’t care less about the car, just noticed the song.) My guess at the title would be “Without You” just because that’s the refrain I hear repeated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much. I haven’t heard this song on the radio, probably due to the very limited amount of my listening, so I just wondered if one of you knowledgeable folks out there would be kind enough to tell me the actual title and artist; I would like to track it down.

Isn’t it “Christmas at Ground Zero” by Weird Al Yankovic? Just guessing, I haven’t seen the commercial.

I don’t think it is, although I admit I haven’t heard that one since the holidays, so I could be wrong…


You happen to be in luck! I work for Mitsubishi Motors, and while I don’t know the song off the top of my head, but its gotta be listed somewhere. Ok, its Days Go By, by the group Dirty Vegas. You know what is pathetic, I had to go do a google search to find it. Of course, I work in IT not marketing. They are doing a marketing thing where if you go in for a test drive you can get a cd with all the songs from our commercials on it. Its voluntary and the dealers have to pay for the cd’s, so not all dealers are doing it though. I have to beg marketing for a copy, its got some good songs on it.
Though whats really annoying is that our internal hold music is clips from our commercials about 2-3 years ago, with somebody talking about how good our cars are. It gets annoying real quickly. I wouldn’t mind if it was the full length versions of our current crop of ads. Hopefully I don’t get fired now for criticizing the company. :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s Days Gone By, by Dirty Vegas…
if you go to download it, look for a version marked “Mitsubishi Eclipse”, it is around 5 minutes long…the longer version (11 mins) is a different mix.

You guys are just so fabulous!!! I knew that I could search for “Without You” and come up with a grab-bag of probably 200 songs, only a few of which I would be able to recognize definitively, and as it turns out, all of which would be wrong! This is why I present the question to the board of genuine knowledge.

P.S. Jeeves, you know how those marketing people are. :wink: And my sympathy about the hold thing…[been there]

Jax You sound like you know where to find it … is it on a traditional CD or only available online?

You guys are so cool… I mean it… thanks!..Can I buy you a beer? A martini? Or some shrimp-based snacks? You name it. How about some nachos?

{sitting down with a Mexican beer and two napkins, signalling the waitress}

Jeeves, having though about it a few minutes more, maybe I should just be checking out Mitsubishi dealers in the area? Nothing could be further from my mind than buying a new car, but I suppose that is not necessarily an impediment (not that I would be abusive about taking advantage of such a thing). Should I just call the dealership and ask if they’re giving away CD’s with a test drive?

[Waitress, another Dos Equis, please, and some more tortilla chips and queso ----- I’m still waiting for the rest of my party to arrive, but we will be having a serious fiesta and singing at least one song, so send the mariachis over, okay?..] :wink:

The whole free CD idea probably sounds farfetched but I assure you, it’s not. If you remember that VW commercial where everything the people in the car saw was synced up with a song in the car, I got the CD of that song for free from VW.

I asked them who the song was by, and they added me to their list and a few weeks later, a CD magically appeared in my mailbox. It was was “Jung at Heart” by Master Cylinder if anyone cares.

I’d have to say that commercial was one of the first to do this whole “Let’s use catchy songs to lure you into purchasing our cars” deal.

P.S. Being a girl, I guess I should offer you a frou-frou drink like a mai-tai or something, but I would definnately rather share a good snack and a good beer.