What's the actual cost of an at&t iphone bill?

This comparison tells me that the monthly cost of an iphone with 450 minutes, 3gb data, and no text plan is $70/mo. But I know with phone bills there are about 200 types of fees. Does anyone with this particular plan know how much the actual cost of the monthly bill would be?

Edit: While I’m at it, one more question if anyone happens to know. Do I have to choose whether I’d want the 5gb/tethering data plan for the duration of the whole contract, or could I increase my plan to include that for a few months and then roll it back to the previous 3gb?

I have a “grandfathered” unlimited data plan with AT&T. I have 450 minutes of talk time, unlimited data, and 200 text messages. My bill is around $83/month.

Same here.

I, too, have a grandfathered unlimited data plan, 450 talk minutes and 1500 text messages. Mine is $92/month.

My plan is Nation 450 with Rollover ($39.99), Messaging Unlimited ($20), and Data Unlimited for iPhone ($30) for a total of $89.99. Taxes here are another $22 or so, so we’re looking at about $111 with no overages.

Would someone mind breaking down the line item taxes and fees just so I could figure out an exact cost? Thanks. I assume it’s the same across the US, but maybe there are state taxes - if so, please list them.

I think ultimately it depends on where you are and what taxes and fees apply to your region. My actual plan fee is $75, but my total bill is $92, give or take a dollar.

From my bill:

Federal Universal Service Charge: $2.68
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge: $0.43
IL 911 Surcharge $2.50
Municipal Telecommunications Tax $5.66
State/Municipal Telecommunications Tax $5.66

TOTAL: $16.92

I goofed where I said taxes and charges are $22. I had $6 worth of international text charges (I was in Canada for a few days) that I forgot about.

Hope I’m not breaking the rules, but if you’re technically inclined or have a geek friend you can jailbreak your iPhone and, among other things, turn on hotspot tethering without paying their monthly fee. You’re not cheating them, you still get billed for any & all data that goes thru the phone regardless of what device is ultimately using it. There’s no technological reason for you to pay more for a ‘tethering included’ plan, it’s just an extra revenue stream for them (i.e. essentially another ‘tax’).

On most postpaid plans, you can get this down to just the $3-4 in federal charges and “recovery fees” and another $1 in state tax fees if you sign up for paperless billing and then change your billing address to Carson City or Las Vegas Nevada - pick your favorite casino.