whats the actual law on a Presidential candidate putting assets into a blind trust?

Putting this in elections not GQ because its blatantly about Trump.
Legally, does he actually have to put his assets into a blind trust or is it just expected that a Presidential candidate will? Apparently Obama did not, because his investments were deemed not of a nature likely to cause conflict. Obama did release tax returns.

So far Trump has not released any tax returns or put his assets into a trust. Is there any actual law about this or can he simply refuse to do either and let the voters decide if thats acceptable or not?

As far as I know, no there’s no law about putting your money into a blind trust as Obama not doing so should tell you. According to this Fortune article in 2010 only 7/100 Senators and 12/435 Congressman had set up blind trusts. It’s a bit of an urban legend that they are required for politicians.

I am pretty sure releasing your taxes is purely a political stunt/tactic.