What's the best audio/MP3 series for learning Spanish?

Hey all,
So I’m looking for an answer to this question, and KNOWING how smart everyone here is, I’m sure that someone will know the best possible answer! :slight_smile:

I had four years of Spanish in high school and two in college, but, well, you know what happens when you don’t do anything with it since then… :rolleyes: I’ve been doing Duolingo every day and listening to free Spanish podcasts for months, also watching Spanish language trailers and videos on Youtube. But there’s going to have to be a lot more education… training… something… to bridge the gap between knowing SOMETHING in theory and actually understanding what people are saying ,carrying on a conversation, etc.

Here’s why I need to get there with some level of fluency. Our family landscaping and gardening business is going to expand into needing more employees next year. Someone has GOT to be able to speak and understand Spanish. A lot of small businesses are at the point where somebody speaks about ten words of Spanish, but that’s it. That is just not where I’m willing to be. I want us to be able to actually communicate with employees (well, one person needs to be able to do this, anyway!)

The only way I’m going to have time to really learn is with MP3’s I can listen to while working (I’m working full time and going back to school three quarter time in the fall.) So the question is: what’s the best Spanish course available that is audio based? Yes, there can be written and online material, but it really has to be based off of audio files.
Thanks for all opinions and advice! :slight_smile:

Dang! No opinions at all?? O.o All suggestions are very welcome. :slight_smile: This is important, and I could really use some guidance.

You’re already doing the passive stuff, and the kind of active stuff which doesn’t need another person. Movies, podcasts, youtube videos… you’re already doing. I expect you already know Galavision has a website (as probably will any radio or TV stations in Spanish close to you), but again that’s passive.

The active stuff you need in order to go further requires live people to interact with.

I really liked using the youtube series from Language Transfer

Rosetta Stone is the one I use. I have the older pc version.

It’s updated now with a online version and phone apps. Haven’t tried it but it seems much more convenient. I assume you could use it anywhere. Doctors offices, busses anyplace your stuck waiting.