What's the best band ever?

In all my time lurking and posting, I have never actually seen just a plain old “What’s the best band ever?” thread. So here it is. There’s no restrictions. They can be well known or a no name band. New, old, whatever.

My vote goes to the glorious, the lovable, Pavement. They just never cease to amaze me with their greatness. Song after song is pure genius.

So… What’s yours?

Hands down, no question, Depeche Mode.

Have over 70 DM cd’s, seen 'em live 5 times … I just love them.

This depends. Do you mean who’s the greatest band at a particular time, or who was the greatest for their complete body of work?

For a band at their peak, I’d say it would be the Beatles in the mid-60s, CCR during their short run, or The Tragically Hip from about '89 to '94. There are some other good ones too… Prince and the Revolution were awfully good. REM’s “Out of Time” and “Automatic for the People” was about as good a two-album run as anyone has ever had. The Beach Boys were awesome.

But for the total body of work, it’s harder to say. U2 is building quite a resume; the Stones were great for about 20, 25 years (even though they suck now.)

Well, the best bands ever is a tough one considering most bands hardly have a consistent catalog to evaluate. I’ll give it a shot though.

Black Sabbath (every heavy metal song made since 1970 is 25% Black Sabbath, this is a proven fact).

**Iron Maiden

Judas Priest


Maybe some other bands in there, I’ll let you fill in the blanks… :wink:

The Genesis of the seventies. Pink Floyd is a good runner up.

My vote goes to WEEZER. I’m totally obsessed with them… got all their CD’s, posters, b-side tracks (70+songs)…all the new tracks for the new album “Maladroid”…uh…only thing I’m missing is actually seeing them live…argh!

I’d say sublime. They played everything from thrash-punk to reggae to gospel, and when they played a different style of music it actual sounded like a different style of music. They weren’t like some other bands where people go on and on about how diverse they are but it really all sounds the same. Sublime really is/was the most diverse and best sounding band I’ve ever heard in my life. Bradley Nowell had a phenomenal voice and was probably the greatest ska guitar player I’ve ever heard (and one of the best guitarists period.) I have about 25 of their albums but like 22 of them are on tape and I don’t have a tape player anymore :frowning:

Ever? I guess I’d have to say Glen Miller.

I thought we’d beaten y’all into submission over this one years ago.

Revolver, The White Album, Sgt Pepper’s… the best band ever is, of course, the Beatles. Duh! :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m willing to give ground on the Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin… but those only!

Marah, the last rock and roll band. Trust me, one day you will know who I’m talking about.

Get This Strait You Depeche Mode Nerds

Led Zeppelin Is and Always will be the Greatest Band Ever.
Anybody who says otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

“I don’t Know what I’ve been told, A big legged woman ain’t got no soul”

Keep that in Mind! :wally


Now that this question has been answered, I guess it’s okay to close this thread.

Down in my basement I have every record that Procol Harum ever made, saw them 6 or 7 times live back in the 60-70s. My son, who I used to rock to sleep while they played on the stereo, just gave my first CD of their music. I had forgotten how good they were. On Whaling Stories they evoke in 7 min the exact same emotional response that Beethoven took an hour to do with the Ninth. Don’t get me wrong I still love the Ninth I’m just saying is all. They may not be the best band ever, as their body of work is small, but I can’t think of any band that was more talented lyrically, or musically.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Old 97’s.

I gotta go with The Clash. They could do it all.

[li]The Geraldine Fibbers[/li][li]Queen[/li][li]L7[/li][li]The Beastie Boys[/li][li]Jeff Buckley’s band[/li][li]Spiritualized[/li][/list=1]

I knew I’d forget something.
[ul]1.5 PJ Harvey

Glenn Miller Band, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Beatles, Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Rolling Stones, The Band, and on a good night, and they had many, The Grateful Dead (also a lot of stinker nights). And many, many others.:stuck_out_tongue:

The Who , especially 1964 to 1972.

Recent = Pink Floyd
Not so Recent = Glen Miller
Old = I guess Motzart was cool when he got together with a few chums.