What's the best card trick video on the internet?

I really liked this series of tricks by by Shawn Farquhar. He does a bunch of great moves and this kind of magic is my favorites. I even showed it to the kids at school(I’m a middle school teacher) and they loved it.

He also has a very cool trick on Penn and Teller: Fool Us, where he partially fooled them.

Anyway, what are some great card tricks that we can watch online?

Note: Full credit to runner pat for this thread, which lead me to the tricks.

There is this one where Mathieu Bich not only fooled Penn and Teller but laid a trap for them. I especially like how P&T respond to the reveal.

That was one of the most impressive illusions on that entire show. He got a standing ovation from Teller, who is one of the best magicians in the world. I was so impressed by that trick that I bought it from Mathieu Bich and learned how to perform it for myself. Once I learned how it was done, I was even more impressed by the tremendous amount of work he did in developing it.

In terms of sheer elegance, Michael Vincent’s two performances were simply awesome.


I have a reasonable idea of how it was done, though I’m just guessing. It’s interesting to me that the “show” he was putting on was not misdirection, it was, I believe, germane to the trick.

That was great!

Just what magic should be - not overly dramatic or pretentious. Tremendous imagination, meticulous preparation, and then sheer fun. I love sleight of hand much more than the big vanishes or magic cabinets, because it seems so much more personal.

Come up to me and say, “Pick a card”, and you got me. :smiley:


The “colour changing card trick” might be a good basis for a lesson about

the nature of perception.

I kinda like this one. It’s Harry Anderson on Saturday Night Live. The trick is pretty easy to figure out, but I’ve always liked that relaxed, storytelling style that he weaves around it.

Yeah, that’s where I assume the trick is, too (all the flipping and turning of parts of the “blank” deck.) Really pretty trick, and great that it does not rely on a force.

What about the “Any Card at Any Number” trick by David Berglas. One person holds the cards, a second names a car and the third gives a number. The first person deals that number of cards and there is the named card.


David Blaine - street magic part 1

Go on, figure out how he did it. I’ll bet you just say cheeezits and give up.

So the idea would be this:

He can re-arrange cards into any combination of letters that can spell out all 52 cards? How can that be and if so, how can he possibly learn how to “turn” or manipulate the cards in a way to write out the correct card?

Some of the cards don’t have full letters, just partial shapes that can be combined as needed. He invented the deck and won the FIM Invention of the Year 2006.

It’d be considerably easier to learn that than most other card manipulation tricks. The challenge is developing the deck so that it can spell everything out.

The “Of” is consistent for every card, so it can be set aside unmanipulated. Though there may be times when he will miss it out entirely if needs be.

The four suits can be achieved with two sides of the cards, plus two rotational turns.

The difficult part is the Ace-to-King names, but he’s managed to formulate a set of markings and hieroglyphs that he can combine and divide in a way that reliably works. He just uses his skills in card manipulation to achieve that perfect combination. He could make an N become part of a V, or an I to be part of an E, F, H, R, etc, or a C could be part of an O or Q. Complicated, but no more so than many other card tricks.

OK, so they say the final trick where he re-orders the deck required “ringing in a cooler”. This means he switched the deck out, right? Can anyone pinpoint the moment he does this in the video?