What's the best English course for kids age 8 to 12 ?

What’s the best English course for kids age 8 to 12 whose first language is not English?

The one which I saw and heard of is “Let’s Go”.

Please suggest more courses, especially the ones which has been most successful and effective.

The teaching method would be one-to-one, private, not in the class or to a group of kids.

“Best” really depends on what you hope to accomplish and the temperament of the particular child. You might want to look around on the web for homeschooling message boards. People will be able to give you the pros and cons of a bunch of different resources.

Also, in that age range, English is generally separated out into reading, writing, spelling, and grammar. You can find products that cover all four, but many people take a more eclectic approach based on what they like and what suits the kid.

There is no single course or curriculum that can be said to be “best” in every situation and for every child. As with all teaching, the methodology has to be adjusted for each individual child and each separate learning context.

That said, if the curriculum assigned to a child doesn’t include a good amount of assigned reading, it will be viewed by the child as rote memorization; if it doesn’t include a good amount of writing, it will be viewed by the child as of little use, or at least, not much fun. I would make sure that the child knew the basics–grammar, punctuation, spelling–and then start him/her on a program of intensive reading and writing.

The reason I recommend that is that reading and writing also teach vocabulary and mechanics, but not the other way around.

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