What's the best free virus scanner?

I’ve been getting a lot of attempted viruses lately, and I’d like to do a full scan and clean of my system. Therefore, I’ve been browsing around for a good freeware or shareware virus scanner. I’ve used a little program called Stinger, which only targets current viruses like MSBLAST and co, but its not a full-fledged scanner.

Anyway, has anyone used any free/shareware scanners that they felt were worthwhile? Are there fully-functional demos available for any of the major scanners? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Online virus scanner that I use in addition to my Norton.

Norton can be disabled by some virii, so TrendMicro seems to catch anything that might have invaded.

Absolutely free, although you will sit through TrendMicro commercials. But well worth it.

And since nothing is permanently downloaded to your computer, it can’t be disabled by a virus.

I’m very happy with Grisoft AVG.

What Crusoe said. I’ve had it since I bought my first pc in 1998, and have had nary a problem, nor a virus.

You can also go to www.pcpitstop.com and use not only their online virus checker, but their battery of tests, as well. It’s a really informative, handy website.


click on Scan for security risks

This is the official Symantec Site (Norton AntiVirus)

If you have worm, virus, or a trojan it will tell you.

This site will also give u the documents to remove it.