What's the best Mainboard for a new Athlon?

I’m looking for an ATX mainboard for a new Athlon. It MUST have AGP4X, no onboard audio/video, and be 266 FSB.
Oh, and I prefer ASUS, if that helps… Not too picky, am I?

Ive been out of the loop for a bit now, and am looking to replace my classic K7M and Athlon 600 with the latest and greatest.

Abit KG7-Raid.

266 using the AMD 760 chipset, jumperless BIOS, onboard RAID support (or 4 IDE channels, depending on how you want to use it), 4 DIMM slots (must use registered memory to use all 4, you can use only 2 otherwise).

There’s a few reviews on Athlon DDR mobos at Tom’s Hardware. The KG7 won the AMD 760 chipset (arguably the best Athlon DDR chipset currently available) mobo shootout.

If your loyalties lie with ASUS, you’ve got three choices:
A7M266 (AMD 761 chipset)
A7A266 (ALi MAGiK1 M1647 chipset)
A7V266 (VIA KT266 chipset)

Thanks folks.

Don’t do the A7V266 unless you are willing to do a lot of patching. Up until very recently, the shipping BIOS was torqued and goes ape-shit whenever it has a Soundblaster card in it.

I have read that the A7M has problems delivering AGP4X. Don’t know for sure what that’s about.

I’m for the KG7. Abit seems to have done a particularly nice job on this one. Tweak that puppy up to 150 MHz with some good RAM and you’ll have a system that will make most Pentium 4s look like the overpriced turds they are.

Kinda partial to Tyan myself. I run my studio off a Tyan athlon setup, and all my audio pop and click problems went away when I switched to Tyan. And they now have that nifty Dual athlon board out now. For reviews and info on athlon, check here

In addition to bdgr’s link (socketa), there’s also

AMDMB.com (stands for what you think it stands for)


amdzone.com (actually, I think this will end up at socket a anyway)

and, of course,

www.amd.com with its own recommended motherboards.
I was just researching this myself. I ended up getting the Shuttle AK31 v2, since it’s got just about everything (no RAID, but 4 DIMM slots ) and it’s cheap ($85 or so at pricewatch). Most reviews have it as the first really good Shuttle/Spacewalker board. If money is an object, then you might want to consider it.