Whats the best medicine for controlling male baldness?

Well here I am, 38 years old and my hairline keeps receding. Now, I’m not to the point where I have a “combover”, but my receding hairline is drawing comments even from my kids.

I’m thinking about going to the doctor and see what what he can prescribe for me, if anything. I’ve heard that products like minoxodil can stop hair from falling out. What are some other good products? Is it possible to take pills? About how much does this medication cost? Will it grow back hair? Or merely just keep more of it from falling out?

Well, Ronco did have the colored spray for your problem. Mine has been thinning out for about 20 years or so, I just don’t worry about it and keep it cut kind of short.

I’m going to ask my doctor to give me a prescription for Propecia. It’s supposedly the best stuff out there. I’m just barely starting to thin now, and Propecia and the other drugs (like Rogaine, which you apply to the top of your head, Propecia is in pill form) work better at retarding hair loss than growing back lost hair.

The way I figure it, if any of these baldness “cures” had any merit at all, there wouldn’t be even one bald billionaire. Of course, there are hundreds.

Estrogen. Large quantities of estrogen. You might not like all of the other effects, of course! :smiley:

Some advice from someone with a few more years of balding behind him: skip the combover. It’ll just make you look worse. Keep your hair cut short, grow a mustache and/or beard as a distraction, and get on with your life!

I’m afraid large quantities of estrogen won’t really help. Hermann’s problem is that his hair follicles metabolize dihydrotestosterone. So, perhaps becoming a eunuch might work.

Propecia not only is an excellant preventative, but it is the same compound, finistride (sp?) that is a prostate medication, just a weaker dose. Growing hair back is much harder, and it is not nearly as good at that.

Just call me slightly hairy.

Now that you guys mention dihydrotestosterone, recently I started lifting weights again, perhaps 4-5 times per week. A couple times per week, prior to my workouts, I take an androstenedione tablet in order to help me through my workout. Thats about the time my hair loss accelerated. Would taking testosterone supplements hasten my hair loss? Once again, it’s all in the front, not on the top.

There is a strong correlation between high testosterone levels and male pattern baldness as well as prostatitis.