What's the best Modern Hebrew-English dictionary for an English speaker?

My friend in Israel just published her first book and sent me a copy. Preparing to read it, I asked her to recommend me a good reference grammar, and she said A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew by Coffin and Bolozky, so I got it. I also asked me to recommend a dictionary, and she said she didn’t know, but the one by Ben-Yehuda wasn’t very good. Whoops, the Ben-Yehuda dictionary was the one I already had, but it was falling apart and needs to be replaced.

So please recommend me a Modern Hebrew dictionary that
a) is comprehensive
b) is geared for a native English speaker (explains stuff that a native Hebrew speaker goes without saying)
c) won’t break my budget.

As they say in Hebrew, אל על - to the top!

Shalom. This is your captain speaking. This thread has been cleared for takeoff.

Now if Alessan, cmkeller, Doc Cathode, Zev Steinhart would just do vanity searches and find this…

Any vowels to go with that? ;j

Actually, what we usually say is אל על - where the hell’s my luggage? Or maybe, אל על - you call THAT leg-room?

As I was saying… my wife works in a bookstore, and she says the most comprehensive E-H dictionary is probably the Oxford. This one.

Oxford it is. Thanks, Alessan! I’ve ordered it.