What's the best replacement for IMDB forums so far?

Is there any standout forum which is a good place to ask the questions that you could ask in the “I Need to Know” forum of IMDB? i.e you can ask minor questions without “cluttering the forum” like you would be doing at Cafe Society, but has enough people who are really good at identifying scenes and descriptions* that there is a fairly good hit rate? Almost all the breakaway forums I know of have failed, and are mostly ghost towns.
*95% of them were morons, but the 5% were really good. Although SDMB has a much lower moron ratio, it is also much less likely to eventually get the question answered.


And of course Reddit has all kinds of movie forums.

Try reddit also.

Moviechat is dead, I’ll try previously.tv but it doesn’t look like it has a decent replacement for “I need to Know”. Reddit’s interface is so bad in my opinion I’ve avoided all reddits. Thanks for the advice, keep em coming if you know anywhere else.