What's the best running shoe for me?

I started C25K and I’m loving it! I’d like to buy a pair of shoes that are used only for running. Here’s some details that I think are relevant: I am largely overweight, my feet are wide, typically a D or 2E width, and my shoes tend to wear on the outside edge of the heel.

My current shoes for everyday work are New Balance 1012. They are running shoes, but is there something else I should consider or should I just get a second pair of the same shoes?

Go to a real running store and have them examine your gait and recommend a shoe. There’s really no way to recommend a shoe without seeing you run. Then you’ll need to try on several and see which fits the best. Beyond that, we’d all be guessing.

This is exactly what I was going to post. Make sure you take whatever shoes you’ve been running in with you. Looking at the wear pattern can be helpful.

I’ve bought three pairs of shoes from my local running store now, and all have been fantastic. When I bought the first pair and started running in them, as opposed to the discount-rack pair of “workout shoes” I’d been wearing, the difference was immediately noticeable.


Actually, the last time that I went to the local running store (years ago), they weren’t very helpful at all. Fortunately, there’s a new store in town that’s a local chain and I’ve heard good things about them. Perhaps I’ll stop in there later today and check them out.

By the way, congrats on starting C25K! That’s what I did when I started running, and I’m now training for my second half-marathon. :smiley:

You may need to try a few places, which granted is a pain in the butt, but it’s worth the effort. Ask other runners which places they recommend, and even which salespeople are good.

Wow! Good for you! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the encouragement.

OP, it sounds like you are a supinator like myself, who wears the outside of shoes (the opposite of an overpronator.) You run on the outside of your feet.

Additionally to checking out a store, I recommend going to Zappos once you officially know what kind of foot you have. For me, Asics fit like a glove. Nikes are too narrow, New Balance feel odd, Sauconys feel okay. So now that I know what kind of foot I have I order several pairs from Zappos and walk around the house in them to make my choice.

If you are running every day, I strongly recommend 2 pairs of shoes. Alternating them will make them last longer and allow them to recuperate from the pounding you gave 'em. Cite, with plenty of links.

If your near a Road Runner Sportsstore, they have a pretty slick fit evaluation system (with a stupid name–Shoe Dog). It’s kind of funny, because after spending 20 minutes getting evaluated, they recommended shoes that I probably would’ve got anyway.

Even if you don’t have a store nearby, It’s worth joining their VIP program online for $1.99 for the free shipping, 10% off, and 90-day shoe return policy. They just sent me a coupon code for 25% off any purchase which I used to get some Vibram 5 Fingers, which never go on sale.

I just retired one pair (my first pair of shoes used up by actual running!) and am running on only my remaining pair. I need to pick up new shoes this weekend.

This was the rationale I gave to my girlfriend too, but she was, sadly, unmoved.

Me, I chose the ones for the severe overpronator off the shelf. Then I ran on them for a season of cross country (before I knew any better, but not before the shin splints) :smack:.

Telemark, good on you for wearing our your first pair running! You’re better than I am at retiring shoes - it took me hopping on Zappos to realize it had been almost 3 years with the same two pairs :smack:. Running indoors can be misleading.

ReticulatingSplines, maybe she’d listen if the mouthpiece wasn’t you? (The ol’ trusting people’s opinions more when they’re not an SO/family member thing). You could try sending her what I linked to. I have to say, it saves a LOT of money for me, as I swear through my feet a lot (compounding the problem).

Haha, I apologize, that was a joke. I evidently made it too esoteric by jumping too far from the subject of running shoes.

Hey, I got it, at least. :wink:

Just another voice here encouraging the OP to go to a running store and have them analyze what you need. When I started running last spring, I went to a New Balance store, and they did a gait analysis. The shoes which they recommended fit like a glove, and have never given me a single bit of trouble. Alas that they’re getting worn out now, but I’ve already bought another pair to replace them.

And, for Sticks and Stones – good luck! I started with C25K last spring, and will be running in my first 5K in three weeks. I, too, keep my running shoes devoted only for running, not for everyday wear. (I have New Balance 1011s which I wear as everyday shoes; I had myself fitted for those at the New Balance store, as well.)

Thanks, guys!

I went to the running store and the guy there was very helpful and thorough. I ended up with a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11. I’m really glad that I went there. As a matter of fact, I found out that my everyday shoes are too big. Apparently the shoe store that I’ve been going to for years and years tends to sell improperly fitted shoes. So, when I’ve got the money, I’ll probably go back and get a pair for everyday use.

OK, this wins the thread.

I’ve been tracking my training online so I have good stats. Winter outdoors running in Massachusetts is hard on the shoes. And the long runs I’ve been putting in preparing for Boston add up quickly.