What's the best way to buy health insurance?

In the near future I’m going to be leaving the safety of my office job and starting a business (actually working with my wife who started the business a couple of years ago; there are no other employees). Anyway, once I do that, I’ll no longer have health insurance. I figure there must be some places where small businesses or independent consultants can get health insurance, right? We have 3 kids (all under 10) and I can’t take any risks with not being covered.

Currently I’m going through getting some quotes on the web, but this really isn’t the sort of thing I want to go into blindly. Anyone have any recommendations? Or suggestions as to the best way to do this?


If you have an agent who does your Home & Auto & Life ins, start there. If you don’t have an agent for *those * things, then your whole insurance situation is already screwed up IMHO.

Your agent may sell the stuff and you don’t know it. Else you can look through the phone book & go through a broker. Just make sure you understand the basics of what you’re getting:

Max lifetime benefit
Coinsurance (80/20? 90/10? 50/50?)
Stop loss limit?
Anything NOT covered? (Birth control? voluntary procedures? Mental health?)

You might want to talk to your doctor about which insurance plans he accepts and ask if he has a recommendation.

My wife and I purchase our own health insurance. Because we live in a rural area, and aren’t close to a major city, we really only have a couple of plans to choose from. There really wasn’t much of a decision to make.

I have GHI; it’s not too bad. Empire BCBS is pretty expensive, but it’s do-able.

I was all set to send you to the NASE, but then saw that you live in NY State, where they do not sell. My husband Weirddave works for NASE, and they’ve got great coverage for not a lot of money. I know that our family health insurance runs about ~$300 for three people.

I do live in NY, but we’re moving everything to Florida. So any recommendations you have for down there are welcome.

Thanks again.

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Email me with your specifics- weirddave0 at hotmail dot com- and I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. I’ve helped other dopers with this issue before, and am happy to do it again. Include your phone number if you can because I am really, REALLY not a good enough typist to give you all the information VIA email only.


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