What's the best way to get 2-4G connection on a Kindle Fire?

Hey all,

So here I am again, asking a question of the incredibly smart people here. I’m SURE that somebody will know the best answer… :wink:

Basically, I bought a new Kindle Fire and then realized that I really was going to end up spending 90% of my time nowhere near a wi-fi connection. The reason is that I’ll be actually using the Kindle a lot at odd times during the day when out working. And even in this city, wi-fi isn’t available when parked on a random street, in a parking lot, at the kinds of places we go for lunch, over the river and through the woods, while my sister is driving the truck down the interstate and I’m in the passenger’s seat, etc etc etc!

So… Sprint 2G service through my Samsung 4 is one option. It’s $20/month right now to add on. I would definitely use it. But is it the best way to go? All opinions welcome! :slight_smile:

Are you using it primarily as a Kindle, or as a general tablet? If the former, I’d just trade up to a 3G Kindle.

If what you want is a general tablet with 3G/4G, you might want to trade your phone up to a tablet model like a Note II or III.

Using a phone to create a hotspot to use a wifi device seems like a good way to pay too much to get too little, with a lot of hidden costs and endless technowanking to keep it working. Maybe as a workaround until your next phone upgrade.

It’s going to be used mostly as a general tablet, or at least a lot more than anything else (although the Kindle option will be used too.) The Sprint contract still has about a year to go, so I don’t know if I really have the option of trading up right now… Actually, I don’t download much data at all, if that helps.

I’m not sure you would need to trade up your phone. Just return or sell your Kindle, and then use that to buy a tablet that Sprint offers with a data plan. It’s almost certainly going to be cheaper than you paid for your Kindle Fire, and the Kindle Fire is just another Android tablet. You’d be able to afford a higher tiered plan with the money you’d save, if you wanted to.

The main thing to watch out for is to make sure you get a tablet with better specs than the Kindle Fire, as there are some pretty crappy ones out there. But I’m pretty sure it could be done where you’d come out ahead of trying to tether to your phone.

That said, the answer to your exact question is, yes, to do what you said. It’s really your only option unless you are willing to get different device(s). But I suggest getting different devices. Tethering can be a hassle, especially with phone companies trying to charge you for it.

I’d suggest combining/trading up on the phone side, instead. I’ve found my Note II to be an incredibly flexible device. A little big to carry as a phone, if you’re used to a smaller form, but carrying one mid-sized item is more convenient and more cost-effective than any two. We’ve been a Kindle household for a long time, but I was the exception; I’ve recently read two novels on my Note II and found it as capable for that as everything else.

Check with Sprint about your upgrade alternatives, and either sell the Fire or use it for home only.

Have you considered a 4G mobile hotspot? There are a number of no-contract plans out there, with seemingly reasonable rates. There are even some that have free plans for a small amount of data, such as FreedomPop (500MB/mo. I believe), though I don’t have any personal experience with them.

It’s another device you have to carry around but they’re made to be mobile, so they’re supposed to be able to fit in your pocket and whatnot.

Most phones, including the OP’s (if I’m reading right) have hotspot function. That’s kind of what the discussion is about: to get a 3G/4G tablet, or enable and pay for hotspot capability on the phone to enable remote use of the tablet. Adding another device isn’t needed.

Yes, for $20 a month as the OP indicates. If 500MB is enough, it can possibly be had for free.