What's the Best Way to Praise A Member?

There is someone here on SDMB that I like a whole lot. I like the “cut of his jib.” I like what he says, and how he says it.

He’s not set up to accept private messages! If he was, I’d simply write him and say, “I want to be a member of your fan club!” But he isn’t…

What’s the best way to communicate this…or, really, is it so tacky and cloying and naive that it’s simply best not to bother? Is it best done in the Pit, as an “anti-Pit?” Or MPSIMS, or…just not done?

Calling people poopy-heads and stinkards in, say, Great Debates, is verboten, but is saying, “Doggone, bub, I love your posts” a good idea, a bad idea, or…?

You can always do like zoid did. :smiley:


Hey now!
The love between dopers is a pure and natural thing.
PS - I can’t believe I just ran across this at random - must be fate.

“Hey, that’s a mighty nice member you got there.”

I did read the OP, I’m just ignoring it.

Flowers, chocolate, booze?

Those all work for me.

You could write a sonnet.

You could sing a song, preferably under their window.

You could just tell them so publicly. Let your freak flag fly!

Like this.

See, this is why we need the Happy Thoughts forum back.

Yeah, I thought Happy Thoughts was a nice counterbalance for… most of the rest of the board :smiley:

You don’t have to say anything further, I hear ya.

That thread’s a beautiful thing.

Here I am! Go right ahead. arms wide open

** elbows Ellen Cherry aside **

BTW, serious answer – start an MPSIMS thread.

Huh, my PM’s active and seems to be working. Maybe it’s just a board glitch… Try again…

Cash never goes out of style.

This is my fave.

I usually PM them, but sometimes I just straight up tell them. I ain’t shy.

Grin! Yes, you guys also!

Alas, they don’t receive PMs. Actually, I’m gonna use that as my clue. If they don’t want PMs, the sort of implies they aren’t very open to personal input.

I also tried to think it through on a “Golden Rule” basis: would I want someone to say something like this to me? (I should be so lucky?) Dunno; it might make me feel just a little embarrassed.

So… There exists a Doper, out there somewhere, whom I admire very much. Keep on keeping on. I’m your fan.

'Nuff said!

How does one ‘turn off’ one’s PM function?

Go to User CP and click on “edit options”. Scroll down, there is a check box to enable PMs.