How to put some SDMBers on

OK, I just know this is open sesame for the roof to cave in on me, as I may be treading on some sacrosanct rules & notions of these boards. SO I HEREBY STATE THAT i’m not offering further responses to this post, as it will prbably be a waste of time.

But what the heck, this IS the board to go to for tech concerns about these boards!

To the Powers That Be:
If Jally decides "enough is enough, I’ve received way too much NG crap from xxxxx IS THERE NO SOLUTION? Or is there no way that Jally can click on the antagonist’s link & then click something that would add xxxxx’s name to Jally’s Personal Log of SDMB Flamers? (for Jally’s consumption only, of course).

TO GIVE AN EXAMPLE: offers a feature, wherein members can click an option to “distrust” another member, whereupon it subsequently displays: xxxxx is distrusted by: ----- Or: xxxxx distrusts: ----- Of course, people can choose to remain hidden.

I don’t mean the same for SDMB, just something like it for members’ personal convenience only.

If it is at all possible to provide that feature (FOR THE MINORITY NO DOUBT) please provide the methodology as a conspicuous link on all message boards. THANKS!

P.S. I’m also quite sure that most SDMBers would choose to ignore Jally, too, but… no matter :slight_smile: it may be mutual :smiley:

As far as I know, no. If it’s important to you, I’d suggest keeping a notepad by the computer with such a list. I’ve got a list myself, but I keep it in my head.

Well, I have a fancy “delete post” key, but I ain’t lettin’ you borrow it.

I have a key like that also!

Of course, I made it myself, out of a sugar cube, but it works!
Well, no… it doesn’t work… at least, not in the sense of actually deleting posts… but it looks like it would work! (…almost)

I also have a “Ban User” key. And a “Call Superman” key. I even have one labelled “Oil Slick,” but I’ve never used it, so I’m not really sure what it does.

Just don’t hit the one labeled “Eject.”

I did that once and had to pay for the cieling repairs.


If it’s for your own personal consumption, you could try the following: Hit the “Start” button, and go to Programs:Accessories:Notepad . Just type in names, and hit “save” every once in a while, and you’ve got your list.

Do you really have a hard time remembering who you distrust? I think I (and many others here) may have misinterpreted your question, in which case you really would be better off posting again to clarify. Perhaps you want a feature to automatically filter out posts from a particular user, or some such? In that case, there is not at the present time such a feature; if you want it added to later versions, your best bet is to go over to and complain directly to Jelsoft, the manufacturers of the software.

i got from the OP that it was intended more for the other dopers than for Jally.