Message board stalker - not on this board

On another message board I have a guy who follows me around to various threads and tries to insult me. This guy has done this before and I ignore him so he stops after a week or so. I guess I must have ticked him off sometime in the past. Anyone else run into this?

When I first signed up here I had someone like that who would go around and nitpick various posts of mine with extremely trivial objections. Oddly, when I go to look at my first posts, his aren’t there anymore in said threads.

If a person is banned maybe all their posts are deleted?

I fear that there’s about 50,000 possible suspects matching the description:

  • Registered before John DiFool
  • Nitpicks posts

ETA: Oh noes. I’m one of the suspects.

Not usually, no. If we find out somebody joined the SDMB just to be a jerk and we ban them quickly, we might remove their posts (or just the stupid ones). Anyway this sounds like something the staff should be aware of. Please send me a private message.

This issue is not happening on this board - I mentioned that in the thread title.

I understand that. If you are concerned that it might wind up on the SDMB, a note to the mods could be helpful.

No way is he smart enough to follow me here. I don’t have the same username.

I don’t consider them stalkers, they’re fans. And yes it does happen frequently.

I think it’s funny but as I said I ignore him and he goes away after a week. If you respond he will keep it up.